Faculty and Staff Directory

Full-time Faculty

Name Title Specialty Email Office
Walker Ashley Professor Meteorology, climatology, hazards washley@niu.edu  DH 219D
Suzanne Mulligan Autrey Assistant Professor Metamorphic petrology and petrochronology smulligan@niu.edu DH 412A
Megan R.M. Brown Assistant Professor Hydrogeology, injection-induced seismicity, accessibility in the geosciences mbrown18@niu.edu DH 417B
Anna Buczynska Research Associate Stable isotopes abuczynska@niu.edu DH 504A
Xuwei Chen Associate Professor Spatial analysis, urban geography, transportation geography, GIS chen@niu.edu  DH 202A
Justin P. Dodd Associate Professor Stable isotope geochemistry, diagenesis and biogenic silica, paleoclimate jdodd@niu.edu DH 413A
Mark P. Fischer Professor Rock and ice fracture mechanics, clastic injectites, fluid-rock systems mfischer@niu.edu DH 406A
Mark R. Frank Professor and  Chair Metallic ore deposits, high-temperature experimental geochemistry, petrology, mineralogy mfrank@niu.edu DH 312A
Courtney Gallaher Associate Professor Physical and women's studies cgallaher@niu.edu  DH 211
Victor Gensini Associate Professor Meteorology, climatology vgensini@niu.edu  DH 219E
Guillaume Girard Research Associate Micro-analytical techniques, volcanology, petrology ggirard@niu.edu DH 417A
Alex Haberlie Assistant Professor Meteorology, climatology, machine learning ahaberlie1@niu.edu DH 100
Michael Konen Associate Professor Soils, geomorphology mkonen@niu.edu  DH 212
Nicole D. LaDue Associate Professor Spatial thinking and geocognition, science education nladue@niu.edu DH 302C
Melissa Lenczewski Professor Environmental microbiology and chemistry, contaminant hydrogeology lenczewski@niu.edu DH 411A
Wei Luo Professor Hydrology, GIS, undergraduate coordinator wluo@niu.edu  DH 118
Allison Michaelis Assistant Professor Synoptic meteorology, high-impact weather, climate change,  MET advisor amichaelis@niu.edu DH 219C
Reed Scherer Professor Siliceous microfossils, climate change, Antarctic ice sheet dynamics reed@niu.edu DH 301A
Jie Song Professor Meteorology jsong@niu.edu  DH 219B
Nathan D. Stansell Associate Professor Stable isotope geochemistry and paleolimnology, glacier mass-balance modeling, high latitude climate dynamics nstansell@niu.edu DH 402
Jim Wilson Associate Professor Health, population, GIS jwilson41@niu.edu  DH 203


Name Title Email Phone Office
Lesslie Erickson Office Administrator lerickson@niu.edu 815-753-7925 DH 312
Felicia Owens Office Support Specialist fowens@niu.edu 815-753-0631 DH 118

Adjunct and Visiting Faculty, Instructors and Laboratory Professionals

Name Title Email Phone Office
Sharon Ashley Instructor sashley@niu.edu N/A N/A
B. Brandon Curry Section Head, Senior Quaternary Geologist b-curry@illinois.edu 217-224-5787 N/A
Virginia L. Naples Professor vlnaples@niu.edu 815-753-7820 MO 336
Karen E. Samonds Associate Professor ksamonds@niu.edu 815-753-3201 MO 434
Josh Schwartz Lab Manager joshua.schwartz@niu.edu 815-753-7930 DH 411B


Name Email Office
Jonathan Berg jberg@niu.edu N/A
Colin Booth cjbooth@niu.edu N/A
Philip J. Carpenter pjcarpenter@niu.edu DH 417D
Eugene Perry eperry2@niu.edu DH 01J
Ross D. Powell rpowell@niu.edu DH 31A
Paul Stoddard pstoddard1@niu.edu DH 06
Jim Walker jwalker14@niu.edu DH 412

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