Anna Buczynska



  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Organic Geochemistry
  • Atmospheric Pollution


My research activities currently focus on the use of light stable isotopes in source identification of various environmental pollutants, especially those bound to atmospheric particulate matter.

Recent Publications

Buczyńska, A.J., Geypens, B., De Wael, K., Van Grieken., R., 2015. Optimization of sample preparation for the GC-C-IRMS and GC-IT-MS analysis of PAHs in air particulate matter. Microchemical Journal, 119, 83-92.

Buczyńska, A.J., Krata, A., Van Grieken, R., Brown, A., Polezer, G., De Wael, K., Potgieter-Vermaak, S., 2014, Composition of PM2.5 and PM1 on High And Low Pollution Event Days and its relation to Indoor Air Quality In A Home For The Elderly. Science of the Total Environment, 490, 134-143.

Buczyńska, A.J., Geypens, B., Van Grieken., R., De Wael, K., 2014. Large-volume injection combined with gas chromatography/isotope ratio mass spectrometry for the analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 28, 200-208.

Buczyńska, A.J., Geypens, B., Van Grieken., R., De Wael, K., 2013. Stable carbon isotopic ratio measurement of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as a tool for source identification and apportionment—A review of analytical methodologies. Talanta, 105, 435-450.

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Jacobs, W., Dubois, D., Floren, E., Aerts, D., Goris, J., Buczynska, A., and R. Van Grieken, 2011. Benzene concentrations on board chemical tankers. WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs, 10, 117-126.

Jacobs, W., Dubois, D., Aerts, D., Declerck, P., Stranger, M., Buczynska, A., Godoi, A., Van Grieken, R., 2010. Monitoring of some major volatile organic compounds on board of chemical tankers. Journal of Maritime Research, VII, No. 2, 3-20.

Van Meel, K., Horemans, B., Krata, A. , Bencs, L., Buczynska, A., Dirtu, A.C., Worobiec, A., Van Grieken, R., 2010. Elemental concentrations in aerosols at the Belgian coast, as a function of size, season and air mass trajectories.Environmental Chemistry Letters, 8, 157-163.

Buczynska, A.J., Krata, A., Stranger, M., Godoi, A.F.L., Kontozova-Deutsch, V., Bencs, L., Naveau, I., Roekens, E., Van Grieken, R. 2009. Atmospheric BTEX concentration in the area with intensive street traffic. Atmospheric Environment, 43, 311-318.

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Stefaniak, E.A., Buczynska, A., Novakovic, V., Kuduk, R., Van Grieken, R. 2009. Determination of chemical composition of individual airborne particles by SEM/EDX and micro-Raman spectrometry: a review. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 162, 012019.

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Anna Buczynska

Research Associate

504A Davis Hall


M.S., Environmental Sciences, Catholic University of Lublin, Poland, 2004
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Antwerp, Belgium, 2014

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