As a research-heavy department, we provide substantial research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students. These experiences are an excellent opportunity for you to work alongside and be mentored by our accomplished faculty researchers. You’ll explore diverse subjects that affect our world - on land, water and in the atmosphere. In addition to advising the science, we’re strongly committed to research that impacts how geosciences are taught in K-12 schools.

You can learn more by exploring our laboratories, equipment and interdisciplinary research groups.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to get involved in research activities early on and to showcase their work at NIU’s Conference on Undergraduate Research and Engagement. Getting connected with a lab or research project is easy. Just reach out to a faculty member in that area or ask your advisor for guidance.

Graduate Opportunities

Graduate students are able to dig deep into their area of interest and benefit from the mentorship provided by our faculty researchers. In some cases, that research involves domestic or international travel. Regardless of your area of interest, you’ll learn to design and conduct quality research, effectively communicate the results, and successfully compete for a wide variety of jobs in the private, academic and government employment sectors.

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