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Division of Research and Innovation Partnerships

Name Title Phone Email Location
Gerald Blazey Vice President for Research and Innovation Partnerships 815-753-1883 Lowden Hall 301
Cara Carlson Business Manager 815-753-1826 Lowden Hall 301
Jessica Cima Administrative Assistant 815-753-5008 Lowden Hall 301
Dawn Crawford Budget Analyst I 815-753-0828 Lowden Hall 301
Amy Farranto Publications Manager 815-753-9946 2260 Bethany Rd

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Office of Research Compliance, Integrity and Safety

Name Title Phone Email Location
Shannon Stoker Director 815-753-2882 Lowden Hall 301
Michele Crase Laboratory Safety Manager 815-753-9251 Faraday Hall 327
James Gable Chemical Safety Officer/CHO 815-753-1610 Montgomery Hall 207
Patty Wallace Research Compliance Coordinator 815-753-8588 Lowden Hall 301
MJ Blaschak IRB Chair 815-753-1383 Wirtz Hall 209A
Ana Calvo IBC Chair 815-753-8451 Montgomery Hall 341
Richard B. King IACUC Chair 815-753-7833 Montgomery Hall 445
Lene Scherer Research Compliance Analyst 815-753-9282 Lowden Hall 301

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Sponsored Programs Administration

Name Title Phone Email Location
Dara Little Assistant Vice President 815-753-9285 Lowden Hall 301 
Kellie Dyslin Director, Funding Development and Lifecycle Enhancement 815-753-7090 Lowden Hall 305
Linda Carlson Office Support Specialist 815-753-1576 Lowden Hall 203
Cindy Barnes Assistant Director, Post-Award   815-753-6059 Lowden Hall 203
Erin Elder Award Coordinator 815-753-1113 Lowden Hall 305
Claire Mogren Proposal Coordinator N/A Lowden Hall 305
Maria Nihei Proposal Coordinator 815-753-4533 Psychology/Computer Science Bldg 355
Kristin Bigelow Senior Grants and Contracts  Associate 815-753-6064 Lowden Hall 203
Donna Martin Associate Director, Pre-Award  815-753-9279 Graham Hall 318
Carrie Blackwood-Williams Senior Grants and Contracts Associate 815-753-5901 Lowden Hall 203
Qiang Mei Senior Proposal Coordinator 815-753-6911 Engineering Bldg 31
Sarah Senechalle Assistant Director, Award Acceptance 815-753-9278 Lowden Hall 305
Barbara Whitesel Assistant Director, Post-Award  815-753-6061 Lowden Hall 203
Jenney Ferrris Grants and Contracts Associate 815-753-6131 Lowden Hall 203
Katie Mowers Grants and Contracts Associate 815-753-3402

Lowden Hall 203

Home SPA Main Office 815-753-1581

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Office of Innovation

Name Title Phone Email Location
Luke Sebby Director of Innovation Partnerships and Technology Transfer 815-753-6744 Lowden Hall 305
Karinne Bredberg Assistant Director for
Commercialization and Innovation
815-753-1125 Lowden Hall 305
Mark Hankins Assistant Director for Technology Transfer 815-753-9471 305 Lowden Hall 305
Bryan Flower Assistant Director for Food System Innovation 815-753-26384 Lowden Hall 301

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Federal Relations

Name Title Phone Email Location
Anna Quider Assistant VP for Federal Relations 815-761-5558 Washington, D.C.

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Center for Burma Studies

Name Title Phone Email Location
Catherine Raymond Director 815-753-0512 Pottenger House 101
Carmin Berchiolly Program Coordinator 815-753-0512 Pottenger House 101
Shelby Holtz Graduate Assistant 815-753-0512 Pottenger House 101

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Information Services

Name Title Phone Email Location
Eric Biletzky Manager, Information Services 815-753-3439 Lowden Hall 202
Julie Miller eRA Coordinator 815-753-1583 Lowden Hall 301

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Research Support

Name Title Phone Email Location
Ximena Burgin Associate Director 815-753-4506 Lowden Hall 301
Joan Pontarelli Office Manager 815-753-3398 Lowden Hall 301

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