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Applications for the summer 2024 session are scheduled to open on December 1, 2023.

Water Quality in the Yucatan Peninsula

In the summer of 2024, our team will embark on an investigative mission concerning groundwater resources in the Yucatan Peninsula. This research initiative, generously funded by the National Science Foundation, extends a warm welcome to undergraduate students deeply passionate about the realm of water science. Eight selected students will actively engage in research projects under the guidance of our faculty mentors, forging collaborative connections with Mexican scientists and fellow students in and around the vibrant locale of Cancun, Mexico.

This comprehensive program unfolds across a span of eight weeks, comprising three distinctive segments. The inaugural phase commences at the Northern Illinois University (NIU) campus in DeKalb, Illinois. Here, participants will hone their research skills, craft robust research plans, and immerse themselves in the intricacies of the water resources within the Yucatan Peninsula. During this period, comfortable on-campus accommodations will be generously provided.

The program's second phase takes place in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula. Here, students will work in close tandem with our esteemed faculty mentors and collaborate with Mexican scientists while taking up residence in local housing. This immersive phase offers a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the rich historical and cultural heritage of the region.

Upon the successful culmination of the program, participants will return to NIU, where they will meticulously analyze the data they have collected and eloquently present their research findings.

We are especially keen to encourage applications from students enrolled at community colleges and other academic institutions that may have limited access to research opportunities.

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