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The Institute for the Study of Environment, Sustainability and Energy is committed to promoting research, education, and outreach on various environmental issues, including sustainability and energy. Our work is accomplished through our partnership with several research centers and groups.

The Building Energy Efficiency, Ergonomics and Management (BEEEAM) Laboratory, in the NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, focuses on the development of innovative technologies that increase energy efficiency in buildings while ensuring ergonomic design and management practices.

The Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Environmental Restoration research center seeks to understand the interconnectedness of ecosystems and biodiversity and how to sustainably manage Earth's ecosystems for nature and people. The center's emphasis is offered for the B.S. only.

Water in a Changing World explores issues related to water resources and how to adapt to changes in the natural water cycle. The center focuses on the science of water quality, water supply, and water management.

The Environmental Resource Center aims to provide practical solutions to environmental issues in Illinois and the Midwest region. The center focuses on research and education related to environmental policy, energy, and sustainability.

Our institute provides opportunities for students and researchers to engage in meaningful projects through internships, research, and study abroad programs. We also partner with student organizations and professional associations to provide a wide range of resources to our students.

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