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You can take advantage of an array of study abroad opportunities tailored to your interests. These immersive experiences not only deepen your understanding of environmental challenges but also broaden your perspectives through cross-cultural interactions, fostering academic and personal growth. By participating in these transformative study abroad experiences, you can contribute to global sustainability efforts and make a meaningful impact on the environment.

Browse through the following study abroad programs and databases:

  • AIFS Global Sustainability - Engage in fieldwork and gain firsthand experiences in diverse cultural contexts.
  • CIEE Sustainability and Environmental Studies - Immerse yourself in the study of environmental issues and sustainable practices across various cultures.
  • CIS Abroad Sustainability - Choose from Abroad's sustainability-focused programs, where you can engage with local communities and contribute to positive change.
  • DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia - Explore critical environmental issues while exploring the beautiful landscapes of Scandinavia.
  • ISA Environmental Science - Participate in hands-on learning, conduct research and explore environmental issues in diverse locations around the world.
  • NIU Madagascar Past and Present: Biodiversity, Extinction and Conservation - Experience the rich biodiversity of Madagascar firsthand with NIU's program, delving into topics of biodiversity, extinction, and conservation while actively contributing to ongoing conservation efforts.
  • Semester at Sea - Embark on a transformative global voyage that allows you to experience different cultures, examine global citizenship, and explore sustainability issues from a unique perspective aboard a ship.
  • SIT Critical Global Issues - Conducting field research, engage with local communities and analyze sustainable solutions to address pressing environmental challenges.
  • USAC Environmental Science - USAC's comprehensive study abroad programs all you to expand your coursework, engage in research, and immerse yourself in the study of environmental conservation and sustainability.

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