Communiversity Gardens

Created with goals to end food insecurity, promote sustainability and educate, the NIU Communiversity Gardens (NIUCG) were established in the spring of 2014 in partnership with the DeKalb County Community Gardens (DCCG). NIUCG is able to thrive with the care and oversight of a strong volunteer network of university students, faculty, staff and community members.

There are several purposes of the gardens:

  • Improve agricultural literacy by increasing access to education about sustainable farming practices and the importance of local food production.
  • Help alleviate struggles associated with food deserts in our community.
  • Encourage environmental awareness and ecologically-minded lifestyles.
  • Provide opportunities for intergenerational and cross-cultural connections.
  • Create opportunities for recreation, exercise, therapy and education.

Present opportunities to collaborate, find new ideas, give back to the community and provide access to fresh produce.

Volunteer Days


Who Can Harvest?

  • The produce grown at the Communiversity Gardens is donated to local food pantries. Volunteers are also welcome to harvest produce for themselves once harvest for pantries is completed.

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