Myoungwhon ‘Myoung’ Jung

Associate Professor, Special and Early Education

Myoungwhon ‘Myoung’ Jung

Many NIU early childhood education candidates come to the program eager to lead their own classrooms one day — but feeling a little nervous when they realize that means they will have to teach math concepts to their students.

That’s where Myoung Jung, Ph.D., in the Department of Special and Early Education comes in.

Jung received a Presidential Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching award from NIU in 2019. Students credit him with helping them pursue their dreams of becoming teachers.

This professor’s patient passion for math and science is unmistakable. He brings in hands-on, real-life examples so his students can learn — and see how their future students will learn.

"His patience in teaching helped me and my peers become more confident in our math skills, especially when it applies to teaching and learning math," student Myiesha Hunt said. "When it came to math, he helped me find my way back to loving and enjoying math again."

"His overall love for what he does makes learning a thousand times better. When I finally embark on my teaching career and have a class of my own, Dr. Jung will always be remembered with every lesson I teach," Hunt added. "I will always remember his wisdom and his wit, and I will strive to install that same love of math to my students. If I am half the teacher that he is my students will be very lucky."

Jung said he is grateful for the award, and will continue to do all he can to help his students achieve understanding and success.

"I am honored and humbled to receive this award as I know there are so many talented and passionate faculty here who also deserve this honor," Jung said. "I hope to use this award as motivation to work harder to support our students."

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