Tim Michaelis

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, College of Business

Tim Michaelis

What year did you start at NIU?
Fall 2019

Where is your hometown, and where do you reside now?
Greensboro, NC; Sycamore, IL

Were you ever undecided, and/or did you change majors?
Yes, I switched my major four times in college. Undecided, Industrial Engineering, Biology, Political Science–Law, Management for my master’s degree and finally Psychology for my PhD.

What advice would you give to students either just starting their college journey or currently attending NIU?
Learn to communicate value, pitch your ideas effectively and get a few technical skills.

What do you like about working at NIU?
The people are sincerely nice and fun to hang out with.

Tell us about a research or engaged learning project you have led.
I currently focus on two research programs: frugality and resourceful behaviors of entrepreneurs and health and well-being in the entrepreneurial process.

What do you hope students take away from your class?
That, in whatever they decide to do, they can think for themselves.

What’s the most important thing you could tell a prospective student about NIU?
As an undergraduate I went to a very large university, which did not provide a lot of direction in starting my career. NIU is the complete opposite. I’ve never seen so many people truly interested in your success.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?  Are you currently doing it?  If not, what changed your path?
I think it was a radiologist because my parents said they made a lot of money and could work from home. After realizing I’m not a huge fan of all the gross stuff people do in medical school, I decided to transition to a different kind of doctor; i.e., of philosophy.

What do you do to relax or recharge?
I play golf, ski, and read personal finance blogs.

Timothy Michaelis is an assistant professor of entrepreneurship in the College of Business Management department

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