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Each year, the Sexual Harassment, Assault and Relationship Experiences (SHARE) survey is distributed to current NIU students over the age of 18, as well as former students who left NIU within the past year.

The survey provides the university and the state of Illinois with information on students’ experiences with relationship violence, sexual and gender harassment, stalking and sexual violence. It also assesses students’ knowledge of reporting options and support resources. As some survey topics are sensitive in nature, we encourage you to make use of available resources as needed.

If you have any questions, contact Rose M. J. Henton, director of Prevention Education and Outreach, at or 815-753-2632.

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The SHARE survey deadline for completion is Feb. 29, 2024. Check your email for details on incentives.

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Get Rewarded

For a limited time, you can earn incentives (Huskies Bucks, NIU merch, etc.) for completing the survey.

Be sure to indicate your membership in NIU student organizations when prompted by the survey (if applicable).

Data Usage and Privacy

SHARE survey data informs policies and procedures related to relationship safety on campus. Survey responses provide NIU and the state with critical information to help promote healthy, safe and inclusive learning and working environments.

Your responses are anonymous and confidential.


NIU will not investigate sexual misconduct disclosed in the survey, due to its anonymous nature. We encourage you to learn more about relevant rights and options, which include making a formal report. You can also contact NIU’s Title IX coordinator at or 815-753-5560.

Support Resources

NIU resources include:

Community resources include:

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