Inclusive Leadership Program

Through our Inclusive Leadership Program, we provide training and education on important topics to businesses, community groups and other organizations. Our workshops focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership, innovation theory and practice, and related areas. We can deliver workshops in person, virtually or in a conference setting.

Any workshop can be customized to meet your group's needs. For more information, please contact Rose M. J. Henton at To schedule a workshop contact

This program is a collaboration between Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ADEI); Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development (OERD); and Research and Innovation Partnerships (RIPs).

Workshop Options

Explore our workshop offerings. More topics will be available soon.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Increasing Awareness in the Workplace

This introductory workshop aims to expose people to terms, definitions and concepts they may have previously avoided or been unable to engage with. We want attendees to leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of the factors that impact someone's identity and world perspective.

Empathy and Belonging: Cultivating Community in the Workplace

This training provides tools, strategies and skills to employers/employees who want to improve how they interact and work together. This workshop aims to facilitate a deep conversation centered on dialogue, shifts in perspective and the establishment of a work culture derived from shared values.

Inclusive Communication: Strategies to Maximize Workplace Cohesion and Productivity

This workshop will show attendees how to foster a workplace standard for verbal and non-verbal communication that emphasizes compassion, mutual respect and camaraderie. It also provides guidance on diversifying participants' preferred methods of communication, with a focus on equity, transparency and access.

Let's Start with Implicit Bias

Attendees of this workshop will gain an understanding of what implicit bias is and how it develops. We'll provide strategies for recognizing implicit bias in yourself and others, as well as best practices for reducing it in your organization and preventing it from negatively affecting workplace culture.

Understanding Cultural Competence

This workshop helps attendees understand how culture and identity impact our behavior and understanding of the world. Participants will learn how to develop a working environment that celebrates cultural differences, as well as how to implement practices and policies that address and mitigate bias and discrimination.

Sexual Harassment at Work: What you need to know!

Participants in this workshop will develop their understanding of sexual harassment in the workplace and learn how to identify behaviors that can constitute sexual harassment. The workshop will include information on prevention and establishing policies to reduce incidents of sexual harassment.

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