Prevention Education and Outreach provides educational workshops to organizations outside of Northern Illinois University through their outreach efforts. These organizations include but, are not limited to municipalities, hospitals, private companies, non-profit organizations, school districts, and other universities. PEO staff meet people where they are and customize workshops using information and messaging from their own policies and procedures.      

Training workshops and program topics include sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, implicit bias, discrimination, violence prevention, active bystander for employees and more. All to help solve issues of negative and challenging behaviors resulting in discrimination, othering and unlawful actions.

Two workshops are listed below. If you are interested in Prevention Education bringing a training workshop or program to you, ask questions and a quote, complete this form.

Respecting Boundaries in the Workplace

Everyone has their own limits and boundaries, especially at work. Those work boundaries have changed drastically over the last 20 years and we are working with a diverse group of people with a variety of perspectives. Sexual harassment has long been a boundary that has been broken both intentionally and unintentionally. What is sexual harassment and what are the boundaries we all need to respect in the workplace?  Learn about boundaries, sexual harassment and prevention.

Achieving an Inclusive Workplace Starts with Us

Do your workplace images and narratives represent your entire workforce or how you envision your workplace? It’s not always easy. This workshop offers practical ways to build an inclusive workplace where differences are valued, and discrimination can be prevented. You will learn ways to begin to develop communications with inclusive messaging and how to model inclusive and welcoming behavior. Learn about discrimination, the benefits of different perspectives and ways to ensure your employees feel they belong.  

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