Workshops and Presentations

You're welcome to attend the workshops and presentations we offer throughout the year, some of which are described below. You can also request a presentation for your department or organization.

Active Bystander Workshop for Students

The active bystander workshop encourages Huskies to engage in healthy campus culture surrounding violence and sexual misconduct. During this workshop, we will learn about the basics of sexual misconduct and the ways to help fellow Huskies be active bystanders. We will also talk about peer advocacy, resources and ways to report misconduct. It takes all of us to start the conversation and change the culture!

Active Bystander Intervention for Employees Workshop

Contribute to creating a safe and respectful workplace environment where we can all thrive. Gain tools to safely address and stop workplace harassment and discrimination. Think about and evaluate cultural norms that influence the experiences that you and your colleagues have within the work setting.

Behind the Post: Relationships Don’t Just Live Online

The Behind the Post: Relationships Don't Just Live on Social Media workshop will illuminate the impact of technology and social media on relationships. We will discuss how technology and social media can be used to control a partner or disguise an unhealthy relationship.

Love Labyrinth: Navigating Relationships

Love Labyrinth: Navigating Relationships workshop will help people understand the signs of emotional abuse and the controlling and threatening behavior patterns that can show up in everyday situations. This workshop will provide a framework for people to talk about healthy and unhealthy behaviors they may experience in their own lives or see in a friend's relationship.

Stalking: Know it. Name it. Stop it.

Following, tracking, calling, texting, spreading rumors, property damage, or sharing private images. Those things sound scary and can be really debilitating for someone. Stalking is a pattern of actions that causes someone fear. Join us to have an open conversation about how we can recognize and stop stalking behaviors to protect ourselves and our friends and family.

Rape Culture IRL

Rape culture permeates our everyday lives. Join us to have an open discussion about what rape culture is, how it presents in our culture, and how we can fight against it.

Peer Support

Friends are often the first people someone will talk to about trauma. Learn how to support our friends, family, and fellow Huskies as we create a community of support and safety.

Self-Care Isn't Selfish

Don't pour from an empty cup. Easier said than done. Join us for a calming hour while we practice self-care and learn about other ways to fill up your cup!


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