Employee Engagement

Each member of the NIU workforce is invaluable and, collectively, great things are being accomplished. In this spirit, the Prevention Education and Outreach team works collaboratively with student workers, faculty and staff across campus to provide professional development opportunities year-round. Our signature professional development programs are described below. 

Emerging Graduates: Navigating the Transition from College to the Professional Work Setting

Students who would like to begin preparing and planning for the professional working world and for life after college are welcome to attend this workshop. Emerging graduates will reflect on their college journeys, gain insight into upcoming changes they will likely experience as they transition from college to professional employment and identify their role in creating an inclusive working world. Knowing what to expect and developing strategies to flourish is essential to ongoing success! 

Inclusion in Action Series

This professional development series aims to support effective working relationships at NIU through the sharing of knowledge and resources by and among employees. Sessions are facilitated by employees on various topics each month, generally for 60-90 minutes. Employees from all ranks, divisions and departments are invited to attend, participate in and/or facilitate workshops within this series. The series offers a unique opportunity for employees to share expertise and information across campus, commonly with colleagues outside of one’s division and department, so it is also a great way to get to know new colleagues and to highlight talented employees at NIU! 

Mental Health at Work

Prioritizing our mental health and well-being at work is important. Most people spend about a quarter of their lives at work and encounter at least some associated stress. When stress becomes chronic and is not addressed, it negatively impacts our mental health and that can lead to increased anxiety, depression and eventually burnout. During this workshop, we will talk about the prevalence and impact of work-related stress, learn about factors that support well-being at work, increase our ability to recognize the signs of burnout and gain strategies to maintain your well-being and mental health at work.

Workplace Active Bystander Intervention: How to Respond to Inappropriate Behavior at Work

No matter where you work or what type of position you have, it is important that the environment is respectful and that it allows for meaningful contributions to be made by everyone. Discrimination, harassment and other harmful behaviors too often pop up at work, leaving us feeling unsafe, disrespected and uncertain. Learn about and practice applying three simple tools for addressing inappropriate workplace behavior during this 1-hour session.

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