Faculty and Scientific Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Jahred Adelman Assistant Professor, NICADD Deputy Director jahred.adelman@niu.edu
Gerald C. Blazey Professor and NICADD Director emeritus, Vice President for Research and Innovation gblazey@niu.edu
Elizabeth Brost Research Scientist ebrost@niu.edu
Dhiman Chakraborty Professor dhiman@fnal.gov
Swapan Chattopadhyay Professor, Director of Accelerator Science swapan@fnal.gov
George Coutrakon Professor gcoutrakon@niu.edu
Alexandre Dychkant Senior Research Scientist dyshkant@fnal.gov
Michael Eads Associate Professor meads@niu.edu
Bela Erdelyi Professor erdelyi@nicadd.niu.edu
Michael R. Fortner Associate Professor, retired fortner@niu.edu
Kurt Francis Research Scientist kfrancis@nicadd.niu.edu
Ben Freemire Postdoctoral Fellow bfreemire@niu.edu
Nathan Froemming Postdoctoral Fellow nfroemming@niu.edu
Corrado Gatto Adjunct Professor, INFN-Napoli gatto@fnal.gov
David Hedin Professor, NICADD Director emeritus hedin@niu.edu
Norayr Khalatyan Adjunct Professor, Fermilab norik@fnal.gov
Pavel Klimek Research Scientist pklimek@niu.edu
Venumadhav Korampally Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering vkorampally@niu.edu
Steve Martin Professor spmartin@niu.edu
Daniel Mihalcea Research Scientist mihalcea@fnal.gov
Andrei Patapenka Postdoctoral Fellow aptapenka@niu.edu
Philippe Piot Professor piot@fnal.gov
Nicholas Pohlman Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering npohlman@niu.edu
Iman Salehinia Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering isalehinia@niu.edu
Herman Schaumburg Postdoctoral Fellow hschaumburg2@niu.edu
Vladimir Shiltsev Adjunct Professor, Fermilab shiltsev@fnal.gov
Iouri Smirnov Research Scientist ismirnov@niu.edu
Diktys Stratakis Adjunct Professor, Fermilab dstratakis@niu.edu diktys@fnal.gov
Michael Syphers Research Professor, NICADD deputy director msyphers@niu.edu syphers@fnal.gov
Sergey Uzunyan Senior Research Scientist serguei@nicadd.niu.edu
Jie Zhou Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science jzhou@niu.edu
Vishnu Zutshi Associate Professor and NICADD Director zutshi@fnal.gov