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Stephen P. Martin
Distinguished Research Professor
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Physics Department
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115
NIU Office: 214 La Tourette
Today's anagram of Stephen Patrick Martin is: Ten shrimp knit a carpet

Spring 2024 class: PHYS 661 Quantum Mechanics II

My research publications from the inSPIRE database.

"A Supersymmetry Primer" is my free introduction to supersymmetry.
Version 7 (January, 2016) includes many updates over previous versions.

Some pedagogical summer school lectures I've given: slides for the Introduction to Supersymmetry lectures at the pre-SUSY International School 2023 and notes for my TASI 2011 lectures on two-component fermions and supersymmetry.

TSIL (Two-loop Self-energy Integral Library) and 3VIL (3-loop Vacuum Integral Library) are computer program libraries that Dave Robertson and I wrote and maintain. They perform the numerical computation of Feynman integrals for, respectively, 2-loop self-energy and 3-loop vacuum diagrams, with arbitrary masses. TSIL is based on the papers hep-ph/0307101 and hep-ph/0501132, while 3VIL is based on hep-ph/1610.07720.

SMDR (Standard Model in Dimensional Regularization) is a computer program library for calculations in the tadpole-free pure MSbar scheme in the Standard Model of particle physics. This mean that it treats the MSbar Lagrangian parameters as the fundamental inputs, and the Higgs vacuum expectation value (VEV) is defined as the minimum of the Landau gauge effective potential, so that tadpole diagrams vanish. SMDR computes the state-of-the-art multi-loop relations between the MSbar inputs and the on-shell observables to which they most closely correspond. It also includes all known contributions to renormalization group equations and threshold matching relations for the gauge couplings, fermion masses and Yukawa couplings. SMDR was also written with Dave Robertson, and is an application of TSIL and 3VIL. The paper announcing SMDR is available from the preprint archive as 1907.02500.

Another application of TSIL is the 2-loop SUSYQCD contributions to the gluino and squark pole masses, recently implemented in SOFTSUSY 3.7.0 by Ben Allanach, Dave Robertson, Roberto Ruiz de Austri, and me. For a description of this, see the manual: 1601.06657.

Here is the web page (including errata, and a version with the -+++ metric) for the review paper 0812.1594, "Two-component spinor techniques and Feynman rules for quantum field theory and supersymmetry", by Herbi K. Dreiner, Howard E. Haber, and me. The current v5 is very close to the one published in Physics Reports.

Books I've written, so far:

picture "Quantum Mechanics", my new graduate-level textbook. Free for download. Corrections can be found here.
picture "From Spinors to Supersymmetry", with Herbi Dreiner and Howie Haber, published by Cambridge University Press, 2023.

A comprehensive (over 1000 pages!) introduction to spinors in relativistic quantum field theory, and supersymmetry as an extension of the Standard Model of particle physics.

picture "Elementary Particles and Their Interactions", with James Wells, published by Springer, 2022.

A textbook introduction to particle physics phenomenology, covering the basics of field theory, quantum electrodynamics, Feynman rules, quantum chromodynamics, electroweak interactions, the Higgs boson, and neutrino physics, suitable for a one-semester course or self-study.

Other classes I have previously taught at NIU:

Physics 370 Electricity and Magnetism I (Spring 2018)

Physics 470/570 Electricity and Magnetism II (Fall 2017)

Physics 485/585 Methods of Mathematical Physics II (Spring 2003)

Physics 660 Quantum Mechanics I (Fall 2023)

Physics 686 Phenomenology of Particle Physics (Fall 2021)

Physics 751 General Relativity (Spring 2019)

Physics 786 Gauge Theories and Supersymmetry (Spring 2004)

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