Gwanghui Ha

  • Experimental accelerator physicist with 5+ years of theoretical and experimental experience in beam phase space manipulation and structure Wakefield acceleration. 
  • Proficient in new manipulation methods and diagnostics development, entire experiment process starting from design to analysis. 
  • Big interests in 6D phase space manipulation methods and their applications. 
  • Providing students great opportunities and networking opportunities as my faculty mentors did. 

Research Interests

My group’s primary research interest lies in the design and optimization of the 6D phase-space distribution of particle beams. Our aim is to revolutionize existing accelerator facilities and open new opportunities for accelerator applications. Our research encompasses the development of novel methods for controlling the phase space correlation and density distribution of particle beam, as well as mitigating collective effects and accelerating particle beam with high-gradient and high-efficiency principles.  

  • Phase Space Manipulations 
  • Advanced accelerator concepts 
  • High-brightness injector development 
  • Advanced light sources 
  • Medical and industrial applications


A comprehensive list is available on Google Scholar. 


Assistant Professor 

Office: La Tourette Hall 202


Ph.D., Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea (2017) 


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Department of Physics
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