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Learning is action at NIU. We offer many hands-on learning, research, and internship opportunities to enhance your education, as well as diverse resources to guide you on your path to graduation.


The American university system differs from systems in other countries in structure and philosophy. General education courses are emphasized at the baccalaureate level. Degree requirements are measured in credit hours. Within each area of your degree program you must earn a minimum number of credit hours in order to fulfill the requirements of your degree, as well as meet certain subject matter distribution requirements.

The school year is divided into three semesters: fall (late August to early December), spring (mid-January to mid-May) and an optional summer session (mid-June to early August).

International students are not required to study during the summer session, but must be registered full-time during the fall and spring semesters. Undergraduate students are required to enroll for at least 12 hours; graduate students must enroll for at least 9 hours.

Your academic advisor will assist you with your academic planning and explain degree requirements.

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