Fellowship Proposals

We invite you to submit a proposal to teach an honors seminar as an Honors Faculty Fellow. These small, rigorous seminars lie at the heart of the honors curriculum and are meant to appeal to students across campus. Faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals. Innovative pedagogical approaches are welcome.

You can submit a proposal for a topic of your choosing. It may align with our upcoming theme, though it's not required to do so. Your proposal can be for a new or existing course, whether or not it's been offered as an honors seminar in the past. Proposals for fall 2023 and spring 2024 were due on Nov. 30, 2022.

If you have any questions, contact Andrea Radasanu at aradasanu@niu.edu.

2023-24 Theme: Creation/Destruction

Honors students chose "creation/destruction" as the 2023-24 theme, revealing an interest in confronting change and finitude with an eye to renewal, progress, imagination and resilience. All disciplines can find a home in this evocative pairing. Pushing the boundaries of disciplines is also in the spirit of this year's theme, an acknowledgment of the need to disrupt and question to adapt and learn.

If your topic aligns with the theme, please make this clear in your proposal.


Statement of Interest

Your statement of approximately 500 words should focus on:

  • Why the topic is suitable for an honors seminar
  • How the topic will attract students across disciplines
  • How your topic fits with the theme (if applicable)
  • Elements of engagement that might serve to deepen and transform students
  • Relevant information from your CV
  • Enrollment information and course success rating (if you taught the class in the past)
  • How course enrichment funds will be used (if applying for)


Your syllabus should include:

  • Short course description
  • Student learning objectives
  • Assignments and activities
  • Sample texts and readings (preliminary, if for a new course)
  • Course designator and number

If your unit doesn't have a course designator/number available (e.g., topics course or an existing delivery mechanism for honors seminars), indicate if you would use an HON 310 option. If so, please fill out the form that may apply to your course:

  • HON with general education designation 
  • HON with writing infused and/or human diversity designation 

Refer to these examples of honors seminar syllabi:

Letter of Support

Include a brief letter of support from your department chair, director or suitable unit leader. The chair/director may opt to email it directly to the honors director.


Proposals will be evaluated mainly on the seminar's potential to interest students across disciplines and its ability to provide impactful and transformative experiences to students.

The University Honors Committee will assess proposals and choose successful applicants. If selected, you'll teach your seminar in the fall or spring of the subsequent academic year (in consultation with your department, center or college).

We want the application process to be useful regardless of outcome and will provide feedback on all applications. It may be possible for a course that doesn't fit in the upcoming year's schedule to be reconsidered in the future with priority status.

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