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If you are an honors freshman or sophomore, you are expected to enroll in at least one stand-alone course each semester. If you are an honors junior or senior, we encourage you to enroll in stand-alone courses. You must complete one honors seminar outside your major to satisfy the requirements for Upper Division Honors or Full University Honors.

Unless noted in the schedule book, no permit number is needed to enroll in an Honors course. Before registering for courses, you are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with an honors adviser

General Education

100-200 level, limited to 20-25 students per class, that can satisfy general education (PLUS course) requirements.

Mini Sections

A select number of seats for University Honors Program students within a larger regular section of a course. University Honors Program students enrolled in a mini section will be asked to complete course requirements that are qualitatively different than what is required of students who are regularly enrolled.

In-course Contract

An in-course contract is an individualized project undertaken in a particular class to allow the class to fulfill honors requirements. To begin the process of completing an in-course contract, you will need to either make an appointment with an adviser or attend an in-course contract workshop. This requirement is designed to prepare you for the expectations of an in-course contract experience as a student in the University Honors Program by providing examples and a rubric used for evaluation, as well as give you the opportunity to ask questions. At any time, you can learn more about the process by reviewing the overview and synopsis form (to be submitted with a completed application page).

Go to to complete and submit your in-course contract proposal. Completed in-course contract proposals must be submitted no later than the Sunday after week two of the academic semester in which the class is being undertaken. Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

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