Faculty & Staff Meal Plans


Faculty and staff can enjoy the comfort of freshly prepared food at a great price and at convenient locations across campus. You can use these meals at Neptune New Hall, and Stevenson. Meals, and Dining Dollars when applicable, never expire. 

Please note: Your meal plan provides you access to the residence halls only when dining is open. Please allow 24 hours for access to be granted.

FY21: July 2020 - June 2021 Meal Plans

Plan Meals Dining Dollars Cost
Faculty/Staff 15
includes to-go and meal exchange
15 0 $120
Faculty/Staff 15
includes to-go and meal exchange
15 50 $170
Faculty/Staff 30
includes to-go and meal exchange
30 0 $225
Faculty/Staff 30
includes to-go and meal exchange
30 50 $275
Faculty/Staff 60
includes to-go and meal exchange
60 0 $420
Faculty/Staff 60
includes to-go and meal exchange
60 0 $470

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Sign up for the Faculty & Staff Meal Plan online by selecting your preferred payment type:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Use our convenient online form to select your meal plan from the list above. Payment options are limited to Credit Card online or use Payroll Deduction.

We are unable to accept Cash, Check, or in person Credit Card payments.

Am I able to sign up for a meal plan?

To purchase a Faculty & Staff meal plan, you must be currently employed at NIU as Civil Service, SPS, Faculty, or Extra Help, with a valid OneCard ID. Student employees, including graduate employees, please see the off-campus student meal plan options available to you.

How and when do I pay for a meal plan?

You are able to pay by Credit Card online or Payroll Deduction.

For Payroll Deduction, finalize your request by completing the Start / Stop Payroll Deduction Authorization Form and send your form electronically to dining@niu.edu after submitting.

Calculate the amount of each deduction by dividing the total cost of the plan evenly by the number of pay periods. Per plan, please do not exceed the following number of deductions:

  • Faculty/Staff 15: four (4) pay periods
  • Faculty/Staff 30: eight (8) pay periods
  • Faculty/Staff 60: ten (10) pay periods

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars enhance your Faculty & Staff Meal Plan by allowing you to purchase food items at other campus dining locations in addition to the All You Care to Eat dining centers. These dollars additionally provide access to all retail and grab 'n go locations. It's perfect for when getting to an All You Care To Eat dining center is difficult. See where you can use Dining Dollars.

I'm running low on my meal swipes or Dining Dollars, can I add more?

Whenever you find yourself running low on meal swipes or Dining Dollars, you can submit a new request for a Faculty & Staff meal plan.

If you have an active Faculty & Staff Meal Plan Payroll Deduction, please select a different payment method.

When do unused meals or Dining Dollars Dollars expire?

Faculty & Staff meal plans do not expire. This includes both the meal swipes and Dining Dollars when applicable.

What is Meal Exchange?

Meal Exchange offers the ability for Huskie Block plans to choose dining options from a retail dining center. In locations like Stevenson Retail Dining use one of your meal swipes for a combination of items like a sandwich, chips, and a drink. Locations offering meal exchange will list what items are eligible to be combined for one meal swipe. This option has been expanded for the Spring 2021 semester to include The Depot C-Store, the Grill at Huskie Den, Caribou Coffee & Einstein Bros. Bagels, and QDOBA.

What is the To-Go meal program?

For the Spring 2021 semester, all meals in Neptune and New Hall Dining will be packaged to-go.

All employees with a meal plan are eligible to use the To-Go program key tags and exchange in unit for the reusable container. Those employees that do not use a key tag will receive disposable containers.

Can I request a refund for my Faculty & Staff Meal Plan?

Campus Dining Services does not offer refunds for any Faculty & Staff Meal Plan purchase. If you find yourself not using the plan as expected, we would ask that you attempt to treat a guest, whether it be a student, current or prospective, a colleague, or even a community member to a hot meal in one of our locations.

What are Huskie Bucks, and do I need them?

Huskie Bucks are another way to pay for meals but are not part of a meal plan. You can deposit funds into your Huskie Bucks account at any time. Learn more about Huskie Bucks.

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