To-Go Program


The To-Go Program is available to any Block Plan student or staff member by using one of your designated meal swipes. This allows you to visit one of the All You Care to Eat dining centers, fill an eco-friendly, reusable container with food, and take it with you if you are unable to stay and enjoy it in the dining hall.

How it Works

  • Visit the checker station at Neptune or New Hall Dining.
  • Notify the checker you would like to take your food to-go.
  • Swipe your OneCard to pay for your meal; other payment options are accepted.
  • You will be handed a clean reusable container to take to the food station(s) of your choice.
  • Fill the container with the menu item(s) of your choice. Food will be given to you on a plate. You will need to transfer the food from the plate to your container.
  • Take your food to go and enjoy!
  • Bring back the reusable container next visit for a clean reusable container.
    • Failure to return your reusable container will result in having to dine-in or require you to purchase a replacement reusable container.
    • If the checker does not see you return the container you will not be issued another container or key tag.

You are given the option to take a To-Go Program key tag if you prefer to dine-in when returning the container. The next time you wish to dine To-Go, exchange the key tag for the reusable container.

How To Opt-in

Students and Faculty/Staff with a Block Plan: Your meal plan includes a container at the beginning of the semester. To opt-in, let the Neptune or New Hall Dining checker know you would like a reusable, To-Go container. The checker will be able to confirm if it is the first time you have used the program.

  • For those not on a Block Plan, the cost to opt-in to the program is $8.
  • Initial cost can be paid with Dining Dollars, Huskie Bucks, or credit/debit card.
  • You will not be penalized for normal wear and tear on the containers. As returned, damaged containers will be removed from circulation.
  • Intentional destruction or loss of containers will result in another $8 fee. A container returned without the checker knowing, or not returned before requesting a new one is considered lost.

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