Meal Plan To-Go Program

Take your food with you when you use the To-Go Program.

As the shape of food service at NIU evolves, meal plan options must evolve with them. One major component of any of the Block plans offered to students and staff alike: a To-Go option.

The To-Go Program is available to any Block Plan student or staff member. This allows you to visit one of the All You Care to Eat dining centers, fill a reusable container with food, and take it with you if you are unable to stay and enjoy it in the dining hall.

Any plan that offers a number of meals either by week or semester would be considered a Block Plan. These plans are commonly combined with Dining Dollars as well.

  • Residential weekly Block Plans: Block 12, 15, 19
  • Off-Campus semester Block Plans: Block 25, 50, 75, 100
  • Faculty/Staff Block Plans: 15, 30, 60

There is a one-time cost to opt-in to the To-Go program. This helps cover the cost of the containers and hopefully deters improper use once it has been handed out.

  • Initial cost to opt-in to program is $4.
  • Initial cost can be paid with Dining Dollars, Huskie Bucks, or credit/debit card.
  • You will not be penalized for normal wear and tear on the containers. As returned, damaged containers will be removed from circulation.
  • Intentional destruction or loss of containers will result in another $4 fee. A container not returned before requesting a new one is considered lost.

Just how does the program work?

  1. Visit one of the All You Care to Eat dining centers: Gilbert, Neptune, and New Hall Dining.
  2. Let the Checker know you wish to take your food To-Go today.
  3. Checker will determine that you are eligible for To-Go option.
    • Get a new, clean container at no additional cost by exchanging a dirty container or key tag.
    • If you have no container or key tag to return, you will need to pay the $4 fee.
  4. Checker will hand you a clean, sturdy, reusable container, deduct one of your meals, and send you on your way.
  5. Fill up your container from any of the available stations serving during your visit. You must be able to close the top of the container, and you must only fill your container and leave. You are not permitted to fill up your container and sit down in the dining center.

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