Community Mental Health Resources

In addition to services offered at Counseling and Consultation Services and other locations on the NIU campus, there are mental health resources available in the area and surrounding communities. If you have questions about these resources or would like to discuss options that might best meet your specific needs, please call our office at 815-753-1206 and ask to speak with a counselor.

Mental Health Provider Database

Counseling and Consultation Services works with mental health providers in the DeKalb area and surrounding communities who offer counseling and/or medication services to students, usually by using your specific insurance coverage. Using the link below, you can search for different mental health resources (counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists) to best meet your needs. You can also search the database if you need longer-term counseling, specialized services, or prefer to meet with an off-campus provider.

Mental Health Provider Database

If you are a mental health provider interested in adding your information to the database referral system, please use the same link above for more information.

Additional Counseling Resources in the Community

Group Counseling and Support Groups

Substance Use Support Groups

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