Current Students

All current students should familiarize themselves with both the Graduate Catalog and the Department Brochure. Questions should be directed to the Director of Graduate Studies. Students should also be aware that enrolling in an Independent Study (ECON 698), course outside of the department, or internship (ECON 795) all require forms to be completed and returned to the Director. 

Sufficient Progress

Each year students in both programs will be individually evaluated to ensure they are making sufficient progress in the program. Failure to maintain sufficient progress may lead to the withdraw of any assistantship awards or removal from the program. The benchmarks for sufficient progress for each degree program are as follows.

M.A. Degree Program

Students in their first year should complete the core coursework in Microeconomic Theory (ECON 660), Macroeconomics Theory (ECON 661), Statistics and Probability (ECON 590), and Math for Economists (ECON 591) with a grade of B or better. If a student does not pass the theory courses with a grade of B or better, they will be required to sit for the M.A. Comprehensive Exam held during the summer between their first and second year. Students should expect to complete their M.A. Research Paper and have it evaluated by a faculty member by the end of their second year after which their degree will be awarded.

Ph.D. Degree Program

Students should expect to complete all the requirements for their degree within five years. Some deviations from the timeline below may occur in extreme situations.

Year One

Students will complete the Core Theory Sequence (ECON 660, 661, 760, & 761) in addition to Econometrics (ECON 690 and ECON 692) and all necessary pre-requisites (ECON 590 and ECON 591). After successful completion of the coursework, students will sit for the Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Theory Exams on the Monday and Friday of the first full week of the August following their first semester. Students who do not pass either exam are allowed a second attempt during the first full week of the following January. Students who do not pass either exam the second time will be expected to complete their M.A. degree requirements during the semester following their second attempt.

Year Two

During this year students will take the two field courses for two fields of their choice from the four the department offers. Students during this year are also expected to complete the Game Theory course (ECON 648), typically during the Spring semester. If the necessary field courses are not offered, students may enroll in elective courses within or outside the department with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. Sufficient progress is measure by students completing the necessary field courses when offered and maintaining a GPA of at least 3.0.

Year Three

Once a student completes each of the two field courses in at least one of their two fields they will be enrolling Economics 796 and begin work on their Ph.D. Research Paper. This is a piece of original research developed and written by the student with advice from a member of the Graduate Faculty of the department. To fulfill the Ph.D. Research Paper requirement, the student must have the completed paper evaluated by a three-member committee of Graduate Faculty and present the paper as part of the weekly seminar series (ECON 798). Students must enroll in ECON 796 and may not enroll in ECON 799 until the paper has successfully been evaluated by the faculty. Failure to complete the paper after two semesters of ECON 796 will result in the student being placed on Department probation which will include a reduction of any assistantship awards to 1/2 time. Failure to complete the paper after a third semester of ECON 796 will result in dismissal from the program.

Years Four and Five

Students will be working on their dissertation and preparing for the Economics Job Market. The dissertation will typically be a collection of at least three essays that are related to the student's fields of study. Sufficient progress is determined via an annual evaluation of the student's dissertation chair as to the progress the student has made during the year. It is expected that students will successfully defend their dissertation no later than the end of their fifth year.