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Prepare for Illinois’ Future Program

The Prepare for Illinois’ Future Program provides comprehensive test and professional licensure preparation at no cost to NIU students. This program makes it easier to practice and prepare for professional licensure exams and other exams including GMAT, GRE, ILTS, LSAT and MCAT, by removing financial barriers.

The practice tests include field-specific directions similar to what will be presented in the actual test. After submitting your practice test for scoring, you will receive immediate results.

Here are steps for requesting and activating a practice test voucher through this program:

Illinois Licensure Teaching System (ILTS) Tests

The Office of Educator Licensure and Preparation will distribute practice test vouchers to eligible students, who will have 120 days from the activation date to access the practice tests.

  • 1

    Request a Voucher

    1. Visit our exam registration website.
    2. Scroll down to "choose a group".
    3. Select "Free Voucher for Illinois Licensure Teaching System (ILTS)".
    4. Follow the prompts to complete the form.
    5. After completing the form, monitor your NIU email account for your voucher. Please allow up to three business days.
    Call 815-753-0846 or email with questions.
  • 2

    Activate a Voucher

    • Register at the ILTS website to find and sign up for available practice tests.
    • After choosing a practice test, proceed to checkout.
    • On the checkout page, there will be a box where you can input your voucher.
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    Voucher Information

    • Vouchers for ILTS practice exams are available until June 30, 2024.
    • After receiving a voucher, you will have 120 days to take the practice exam.
    • The 120-day period can extend beyond June 30, but the voucher must be activated by that date.

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