Black Studies Minor and Certificate

Black Studies Minor

The Black studies minor provides a background for understanding the experiences of Black people in the United States. You'll explore the African heritage of Black people and the continuity of that heritage through the years in the New World. The black studies minor will also help you analyze racism and its present-day manifestations in all spheres of life in order to promote better understanding among ethnic and racial groups.

University departments, including anthropology, economics, English, finance, geography, history, political science and sociology, participate in the black studies minor.


Eighteen hours are required for the minor, 12 hours from core courses and six hours from electives. For the list of courses, view the Undergraduate Catalog.

Ready to declare? Please download the Minor Request Form (PDF), complete, sign it, and email to

Black Studies Certificate

This certificate is designed to provide interested students with a strong sense of the African American culture and experience and its impact on individuals and society. View the undergraduate catalog

Complete the Request for Certificate of Undergraduate Study form (PDF) and email it to to get started.


  • Twelve hours total are required. Six hours from the core courses and six hours from the electives
  • Students pursuing the Black Studies certificate may only take courses from the catalog of the year they register.

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