Curriculog – Streamlining the Curriculum Proposal and Approval Process

The curriculum proposal process is a critical step in creating academic courses and goals. However, this can be a time-consuming process for faculty and staff. Northern Illinois University is implementing a program to help faculty members and staff create effective curricula in less time, while increasing data consistency. The result will be an improved and more efficient process that benefits students, faculty and staff.


Curriculog, a product of Modern Campus, is an online system that automates the curriculum proposal and approval process, with the potential to reduce staff hours spent on this task by as much as 50 percent. Through this system, the work of managing curriculum creation is managed by a digital dashboard, instead of a manual process. As a result, approval times are reduced, and everyone in the curriculum approval system can see what stage the proposals are. 

When changes to your program or course are agreed upon, this system makes it simple to move forward:

  1. Select the form.
  2. Respond to any required questions.
  3. Launch your proposal with the click of a button. 

From there, your proposal will go through the standard process for final approval.

Curriculog Implementation Team

  • Ian Gawron, curriculum coordinator and catalog editor, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Amanda Durik, associate dean for Undergraduate Affairs, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Kerry Wilks, dean, Graduate School 

Curriculog Project Team

  • Alicia Schatteman, vice provost for Academic Affairs
  • Susan Smith, project manager
  • Celeste Latham, associate vice provost, Administration
  • Cody Schmitz, registrar
  • Brian Williamsen, director of communications for Academic Affairs
  • Richard Mazzolini, program assistant 

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