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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) consists of interactive out-of-class group study sessions that reinforce and clarify what you learn in class. During a session, you can ask questions, share your work and take part in learning activities with fellow students. By participating in an SI session, you can retain more information than you would by studying by yourself.

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Available Courses

This semester, SI leaders will work with students enrolled in the following classes:

  • Math 101P
  • Math 108P
  • Math 109P
  • Math 110P
  • Chem 110

Other Courses

If you need help with the content in a different course, contact us at or

Session Format and Scheduling

SI sessions are held twice a week on Blackboard Collaborate or Microsoft Teams. Sessions are guided by students called SI leaders. SI leaders attend class with you, when possible, and conduct sessions based on class notes.

Session schedules are based on student feedback collected at the beginning of the semester. Please check in with your SI leader about their session schedule. They will post links to SI sessions here when they become available.

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