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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction tutoring consists of interactive out-of-class study sessions that reinforce and clarify what you learn in class. During a session, you can ask questions and practice completing the course material. By participating in an SI session, you can retain more information than you would by studying by yourself.

For more information, contact us at

This semester, SI tutors will work with students enrolled in courses with both traditional and drop-in SI services:

  • BIO 103, 105, 109, 209, 311 and 357
  • CHEM 100 and 110
  • FLSP 101 and FLSP 102
  • Math 101, 103, 104/105 and 110

Other Courses

If you need help with the content in a different course, contact us at or courses with drop-in SI services only:

  • Math 229 and 230 
  • STAT 100
  • CSCI 100 and 200 level courses
  • Physics 100 and 200 level courses

Session Format and Scheduling

SI/tutoring sessions are held online on Tutor Matching Service/GoBoard. They're also held in person in Founders Memorial Library 260 or in a classroom building on campus. Check Tutor Matching Service for the SI leaders' availability/location.

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