About the Huskie Academic Support Center

Our vision is to provide comprehensive, accessible and dynamic academic support to NIU students. It is our mission to:

  • Enhance student success.
  • Prioritize support for 100- and 200-level courses.
  • Partner with the academic colleges.
  • Provide programming in a variety of modalities.

We work toward accomplishing our vision and mission by providing:

  • Comprehensive academic support services in collaboration with campus partners.
  • High-quality academic support that is relevant and attuned to the dynamic needs of NIU students throughout their college journey.
  • Academic skill development and success coaching, both incorporated into academic recovery and success planning and available as on-demand or standalone programming.
  • Support for student success through writing bootcamps, one-on-one and integrated writing support.
  • Integrated course-based tutoring in collaboration with academic departments to increase student success, reduce achievement gaps and meet students where they are.

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