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The library will place all of its owned copies of a book title on Print Reserves when the faculty member requests that title.

The faculty member may also place personal copies of book on Print Reserves. The University Libraries strive to safeguard all materials that are placed in the library; however, the Reserve Services Unit assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal copies.

Personal copies are subject to library policy and will be given Reserves labels and Reserves call numbers, which will be affixed to the material. Professors are required to sign a damage waiver upon submitting personal copy books.

Personal copies will be returned once the listed items are taken off of Reserves.

Copies of textbooks required for a course can be put on Print Reserves so long as they are provided by the instructing faculty member. The library is unable to provide copies of textbooks. Print Reserves may not substitute for the purchase of textbooks. Therefore, we limit one copy of a textbook on Print Reserves per 25 students.

The following may not be placed on Print Reserves: Books lent by other universities or libraries via interlibrary loan, course packets, or consumables (such as workbooks, which are intended for one-time use).

If the requested items are not owned by NIU Libraries, please consider loaning a personal copy before requesting that a book be ordered for purchase, especially if the item is needed early in the semester. The professor/instructor should contact the appropriate library subject specialist for possible purchase, if that is required. Materials that have to be purchased will require extra processing time.

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