Contributors to the Library Book Fund

Winifred F. Halsey In Memory of Winifred E. Halsey
James & Helen Merritt A Gift of Jim & Helen Merritt
Robert & Averil Schreiber A Gift of Averil & Bob Schreiber
Samuel & Corinna Huang A Gift of Samuel & Corinna Huang
In Honor of Leslie Huang
Mary M. Bell A Gift of Mary M. Bell
William & Jo Monat A Gift of William & Jo Monat
Martha E. Schreiner A Gift of a friend and colleague
In Memory of Richard Keefer
Richard Preston In Memory of Prof. Brigitte Krause
Caroline Smith Megli In honor of my sister, Linda Smith Schaefer
Vicki & Tom Peters In loving Memory of John P. Sicola
Rodney M. Borstad A Gift of Rodney M. Borstad
In Memory of Jack & Eleanor Olson
Michael S. Eng A Gift of Michael S. Eng
Dave Lipien A Gift of the Lipien Family
Larry Backe A Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Larry Backe
In honor of Bridget Ann Backe
Peter Leuzinger In honor of Megan Leuzinger
J. M. Prescott In honor of Brian C. Prescott
Ronald Nilsson In honor of Eric Allan Nilsson
Robert Maday In honor of Michelle Maday
Catherine Rockwood A Gift of Professor Emeritus Catherine A. Rockwood
James Robertson III In Memory of Tess
James Erman In Memory of Angie Cunico
Linda Workman A Gift of Linda Hart Workman (MA '92)
Virginia E. Lovering A Gift of Virginia E. Lovering
In Memory of Robert Pollock
Jude LaFrancis A Gift From Ray & Jude LaFrancis
In Honor of Anne LaFrancis
In Memory of Margaret Anne Rosanova
Donald Weichle A Gift from Mr. & Mrs. Don Weichle
In Honor of Kari Ann Weichle
Lowell & Claudia Nanney In Memory of Sophie Metskas
Lowell & Claudia Nanney In Honor of Eric C. Nanney
Charmaine Inge A Gift from Mr. & Mrs. Inge
In Honor of Victoria Izzo
Nara Sary In Honor of Illinan A. Sary
George & Dale Adams A Gift of George & Dale E. Adams
In Honor of Rebecca E. Adams
Aziza Iqbal A Gift from Mr. & Mrs. M. Iqbal
In Honor of Our Daughter Zeba M. Iqbal
David Watkins A Gift of Doug & Lynne Watkins
In Honor of Susan Z. Watkins
Jagdish & Aruna Arora A Gift from Jagdish & Aruna Arora
In Honor of Poonam Arora, NIU Class of 1999
Henrietta Wright A Gift of Appreciation from Henrietta Champton
In Honor of Floyd Champton
In Memory of Henry James Wright
James Jung A Gift from Donna M. Jung
John Wolfskill A Gift in Honor of Professor John A. Ewell
from his Colleagues in Mathematics
Wesley & Eva Staniszewski A Gift of Wesley & Eva Staniszewski
In Honor of Elizabeth B. Staniszewski
Byron & Bonnie Anderson In Memory of Dorothy M. Schonstrom, R. N.
Department of English A Gift from the Department of English
In Memory of Kathryn A. Price
Jude LaFrancis A Gift From Jude LaFrancis
In Honor of Nicole LaFrancis
In Memory of Daniel J. Melchionda
Jude LaFrancis A Gift From Jude LaFrancis
In Honor of Judy Ball
In Memory of her mom Irene Norris
Mr. & Mrs. David Knight A Gift of Mr. & Mrs. David L. Knight
In Honor of David Knight
In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. L. G. Knight and Mr. & Mrs. James H. Taylor
Herwin Blitstein A Gift of Herwin Blitstein
In Honor of Lisa Heather Blitstein
Gabriel Roma A Gift of Gabriel Roma
In Honor of Glendalyne Roma
Linda Valukas Blum A Gift of L. Valukas Blum
In Honor of J. A. Valukas Blum,
Class of 2000
Dennis Fox A Gift of Dennis Fox
Ralph Coates In Honor of Elizabeth Rose Coates
Elizabeth Titus In Memory of Marjorie Wheeler

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