Safety Notification Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your safety. That's why NIU students and employees are automatically subscribed to a Safety Notification System that alerts them to safety issues on and around campus. Safety notifications are delivered through text message, the NIU Safe app and other methods. To learn more, check out the questions below.


How does the Safety Notification System work?

The university's Safety Notification System may be used to distribute important information via text message, recorded phone message and/or email. The system will use the mobile phone number that has been provided by students and employees through MyNIU. This is just one component of the university's safety notification plan. See Types of Bulletins for information on safety notifications and the channels of communication that can be utilized to provide safety warnings to the campus community.

Does it cost anything to subscribe to the Safety Notification System?

There is no charge to sign up for this service. Your cell phone carrier might charge you to receive text messages, so please check your plan. If your plan includes unlimited text messages, you will not be charged.

How do I subscribe to NIU's Safety Notification System?

NIU students and employees are automatically subscribed to the service via their contact information in MyNIU. See our registration page for information on how to update your mobile phone number in MyNIU.

How do parents subscribe to the system?

NIU students have the ability to register up to two emergency contacts to receive NIU Alerts. These contacts can be parents, spouses, family members or anyone else. The primary purpose of this service is to notify the people on campus as quickly as possible when an emergency occurs. Notifications will be sent to the parents, spouses and others after a message has been sent to all students and employees.

Will I still receive safety notifications after I graduate or leave the university?

Contact information for the system is updated daily, so once you graduate or leave, you will be removed from the system. Parents, when your child graduates from NIU, your numbers will be deleted from their account. If you are listed on the account of another child who is still enrolled, you will continue to be registered.

Text Message Notifications

How will I know the message is from NIU?

All text messages from the NIU Safety Notification System will come from 23-7233 (BE SAFE). You may want to add that code to your phone's contacts under "NIU Safety Notification" so you recognize the name when the message comes through. Emails will come from and will be sent to your email address.

What do I do when I receive a safety notification text message?

The message will give you a very brief description of the situation and tell you if you need to take action. Text messages have a 140 character limit, so the message will be brief. See Safety Notifications for detailed information. The system will ask you to confirm receipt of the message. This helps the university know that the message was received.

My cell phone number has changed and I'm no longer receiving alerts. What do I do?

You can update your cell phone number by logging in to MyNIU, and updating your phone number under 'personal information'.

NIU Safe App

What is NIU Safe?

NIU Safe is an app that provides campus with safety resources and adds a layer of security to help students and employees. The app includes many features, such as emergency alerts, Virtual Walkhome and Mobile BlueLight. It helps users report crimes, respond to emergency situations, track weather conditions, and access resources and services.

What should I do when I receive an NIU Safe push notification?

The message will briefly describe the situation and tell you if you need to take action. See Current NIU Safety Notifications for more detailed information.

How does the Virtual Walkhome feature work?

This feature lets the NIU police know where you're traveling. When you use this feature, the Department of Police and Public Safety will be able to monitor your progress to your destination. Virtual Walkhome will use your location services and, if necessary, will call 911.

How does the Emergency Mobile BlueLight feature work?

In an emergency situation, you can use the Mobile BlueLight feature to call the Department of Police and Public Safety and send them your location.

How does the Friend Walk feature work?

Friend Walk allows you to send your location to a friend so they can watch as you walk to your destination. If necessary, they can trigger a call to emergency services.

Will the Virtual Walkhome, Emergency Mobile BlueLight and Friend Walk features work outside of the NIU campus?

No. These features are available for the DeKalb main campus and the immediate surrounding area, and will not work outside these boundaries.