Personal and University Travel Quarantine Guidance

Travel during the pandemic poses additional risk for exposure. We expect members of the NIU community to follow local, state and federal guidelines related to travel and staying healthy.

Travel Within the U.S.

All employees and students who are vaccinated and up to date on their vaccines are not required to quarantine after domestic travel. 

All employees or students who have traveled outside of Illinois within the U.S. and vaccines are not up to date are strongly encouraged to self-quarantine for five days after traveling and take a COVID-19 test prior coming to campus.

International Travel

All employees and students who are fully vaccinated and up to date on their vaccines are not required to quarantine after international travel but are recommended to test five days after arrival back in the U.S.  All employees and students who have traveled internationally and whose vaccines are not up to date are required to self-quarantine for 5 days and recommended to take a COVID-19 test after their return and prior to coming to campus.

If traveling internationally, employees and students must pay close attention to the situation at the international destination.

University-sponsored Travel

University-sponsored domestic and international travel for faculty, staff and students is permitted and approval should follow the pre-COVID process. Electronic approvals and travel voucher submission are still acceptable as detailed on the Accounts Payable Services website.    

Any student who is traveling internationally for university-sponsored travel must be up to date on their vaccines. 


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