Employee COVID-19 Surveillance Testing

Per Gov. Pritzker’s Executive Order issued August 26, 2021, all higher education employees must be  vaccinated or submit to weekly surveillance testing. Employees can be excused from testing if they have been fully vaccinated or if their supervisors and division leaders verify that those employees are working entirely remotely for the fall semester. 

Changes to Vaccination or Work Status

If at any time during the fall semester your status changes to vaccinated (two doses of Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna; one dose of Johnson & Johnson) or you are approved to work entirely remotely, please complete the vaccine/remote work exemption form to be excused from the surveillance testing requirement.

Communicating with Your Supervisor

Your supervisor is aware that employees who are required to participate in surveillance testing need to be granted release time. Please communicate to your supervisor that you must test weekly and discuss the best time to do so. We recommend scheduling your test for the same time each week, if possible.

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