#CampusClear FAQ

Why Use CampusClear?

Your participation in #CampusClear gives NIU actionable information to manage emergent risks on campus. By using the app, you will have a journal of your daily survey answers, and depending on your response, #campusclear may connect you to COVID-19 resources and support.

What data is collected?

Your NIU.edu email address. Your email address is used to verify that you are affiliated with NIU. Your email address will be stored encrypted, rendering you totally anonymous. Your email/phone number may only be decrypted by an authorized administrator of the university for the purposes of campus management.

Your daily survey answer. #CampusClear stores your daily survey answer for campus management purposes.

You can delete and purge your account at any time. Just navigate to the “Account” tab. All data will be deleted when NIU discontinues use of the app.

What data is NOT collected?

We do NOT collect names, locations or any other personally identifiable information. The app does not use GPS or Bluetooth.

Updated 8/17/20

Am I required to download the app?

While we are not requiring you to self-monitor your systems using the app, we strongly encourage everyone to do so to help protect their health as well as the health of fellow Huskies.

Students may be asked to show the result screen with the “Good to Go” message as they arrive at classes, activities and events. This request is at the discretion of the faculty member teaching the class or the person running the activity or event.

Anyone who has symptoms and fails to quarantine, be tested or notify the university and health officials puts the wellbeing of others at risk and may be referred to the university conduct process.

Updated 8/17/20

What should I do if I have seasonal allergies or a chronic condition with symptoms that are part of the self-screening in the #CampusClear app? Updated

You should report new or unusual symptoms through the #CampusClear app. If you have symptoms associated with an underlying chronic condition or seasonal allergies, you should select “No Symptoms” during the daily screening and go about your typical day on campus. If you are unsure if the symptoms you are experiencing could be related to COVID-19, please complete the COVID-19 Screening Checklist.

Added 9/30/20

If I accidentally log symptoms that I don’t actually have and then I am not cleared for campus access, what should I do?

If you are not cleared for campus access by the app after incorrectly submitting symptoms, you can logout of the app and then log back in to complete the survey a second time with accurate answers. To logout, go to the menu in the app, then click on “My Account” and “Logout.” Then enter your NIU.edu email address to sign back in and repeat the survey.

Added 8/24/20

Still have questions? Contact CampusClear@niu.edu.
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