Fall 2020 Information about Housing, Dining and Student Fees
June 23, 2020


Dear NIU Huskie students and families,


As promised last month, the university is now able to share with you better details about on-campus housing, dining and student fees for the fall. These decisions prioritize your health and well-being as we continue to deliver positive learning experiences for all.


Clearly, living on campus will look and feel different – but we are doing everything we can to cultivate the most engaging and rewarding “college experience” possible in our residence halls. You’ll still hang out with friends, enjoy fun times, make lifelong memories and find numerous opportunities and places to belong and to thrive. You’ll remain a proud and happy NIU Huskie!


Housing Updates


One change that you’ve already heard is that each student living in our residence halls during the 2020-21 academic year will have an individual room with no roommates, which provides physical distancing consistent with public health recommendations.


You’ll also see expanded cleaning of surfaces and shared spaces, but you’ll still enjoy the company of your friends as long as you practice physical distancing and wear face coverings that help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We do these things because we care about fellow Huskies.


Because NIU is committed to affordability, we’ve discounted the price for single rooms to the double-occupancy level. You can view those room-and-board rates online.


Every hall is open this fall, including Neptune North, as well as the Holmes Student Center hotel for upper division students, to provide maximum residential space. We’ve also modified bathroom facilities to provide for greater physical distancing.


We will continue to provide more specific information with you throughout the summer, and we hope that today’s message helps you to make your best choice for housing this fall.


Staff in Housing and Residential Services are now beginning to reassign students who were contracted for double-occupancy rooms into singles. For example, if you planned to be in a double with a specific roommate, whoever signed the contract and submitted it first will stay in the original room selection and the other roommate will be relocated.


Please know that we will do our best to keep roommates on the same floor or in the same building. However, we cannot promise that students can stay in their current buildings during the reassigning process. Because space is limited by COVID-19 physical distancing, some students might need to move to different halls.


How does this affect you?


  • Check beginning at noon Monday, June 29, to see if your housing has changed.
  • If you are currently assigned to New Residence Hall, where all rooms are singles, or if you already have a single room assignment for the upcoming year, this situation will not impact you and your pricing will not change.
  • If you live in Gilbert Hall, you have the opportunity to move this fall into a private room (with private bathroom!) in the Holmes Student Center hotel for the same rate as a double-occupancy room in Gilbert.
  • Monday, Aug. 10, is the penalty-free date to cancel your housing.
    • If your plans have changed for the fall, and you no longer need your room, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can give it to another student. As you heard from the provost last week, NIU course modalities for the fall are now available online, so we encourage you look closely at your schedule in MyNIU to help inform your decision.


We acknowledge that these changes will not meet everyone’s expectations. We anticipate requests for changes, and we will maintain a waitlist for each residence hall through early August to try to accommodate change-requests throughout the rest of the summer.



Dining Updates


Dining halls will open three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with suitable time in between each service to thoroughly clean and sanitize all areas. Tables are spaced 6 feet apart, and every meal will allow for take-out options.


Your residential meal plans work in the Neptune and New Hall dining rooms as well as in the Stevenson Retail Dining Center. We are not offering the Huskie Classic plan this fall because that unlimited access does not provide physical distancing. Students with that plan are shifting to Block 19, which provides 19 all-you-can-eat meals per week.



Most food services in the Holmes Student Center – our brand new Qdoba, The Grill at the Huskie Den and The Depot C-Store – also are open, and we’re expanding the hours of the “meal exchange” at those places to begin at 1 p.m. so that you can use one of your meal swipes for a combination of items, such as a sandwich, chips and a drink.



Please watch your email throughout the summer for more important messages regarding your housing and dining this fall. Everyone at NIU is focused on your future and dedicated to helping you continue advancing toward your goals. We care deeply about your success and want you to graduate on time.


On behalf of Housing and Residential Services and Campus Dining Services, we look forward to welcoming you back to NIU in August.


Student Fees


Student fees remain unchanged at this time.


Go Huskies!


Dan Pedersen

Senior Director, Housing and Residential Services


Daniel Koenen

Executive Director, Campus Dining Services

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