Satifactory/Unsatisfactory grading for Spring 2020 semester
May 4, 2020

Dear Undergraduate and Graduate Students,

As previously noted in an earlier communication, all undergraduate and graduate students (except law students) will be permitted to convert any of their courses to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading for the Spring 2020 semester. This policy applies to all full-semester and second-half courses.

Beginning Tuesday, May 12, you can start selecting the course grade(s) you want to convert to S/U, if you so choose. You can make changes any time through Wednesday, May 20, and even revise your changes during that selection period. However, after May 20, you will not be able to revoke your S/U selections through the
MyNIU online mechanism. Changes to your selections will need to be pursued through the normal Change of Grade business process. (Consult the
Undergraduate Catalog or Graduate Catalog for specific information.)

For detailed information on this process, please visit the Registration and Records website and click on the button for S/U Grading Instructions.

If requested by a student, a grade of S will be awarded if you earn the equivalent of a letter grade of C or higher. A grade of U will be awarded if you earn a grade lower than a C in your course. For undergraduate students, grades of S and U will not be factored into your NIU grade point average (GPA). For graduate students, a grade of U will be factored into your GPA.

Please note: Undergraduates who choose to take a U grade will NOT receive
credit for the course. Because there can be benefits or drawbacks to selection of the S/U option, we strongly encourage that you talk to your academic advisor before making your choice to ensure your timely, academic progress. 

Additional information and guidance for Spring 2020 grading is available in the student FAQs on the university’s
COVID-19 website.


Jerry Montag
Director, Office of Registration and Records

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