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Payroll Guidance from Interim Human Resource Services Director Southard

Dear NIU Employees,

We wanted to share information on how we are paying hourly employees during the pay period 3/16- 3/31 and salaried employees during the pay period 4/1 – 4/15.  As conditions are constantly evolving, we will continue to communicate payroll decisions every two weeks.


As a proud alumna, but a newcomer to the scene at NIU from the employee side -- albeit temporary, I can tell you how proud I am of the team spirit and can-do attitude you have displayed.  We may not all be able to work in the same way or on the same volume of projects at this time, but there is no doubt that we are all rowing in one direction for the benefit of NIU.  Makes me even prouder to be a Huskie!


I also realize that some employees are working harder than ever and that others may feel their workload has been reduced or disrupted without being on campus. As the stay-at-home order extends to the end of April, we must continue to be innovative and creative on what “work” looks like and how each of us can contribute in new and different ways. This an opportunity to think differently about gaining the perspectives and promoting the professional development of employees who have inflexible schedules under our usual working conditions.


When looking through a lens beyond higher education, many businesses are making much tougher pay and job decisions. We remain committed to our mission, vision and values, and our decisions are based on our shared understanding of those values.


We will continue to be transparent and remain available to answer your questions.


Payroll Guidance

We are grateful for the clarification provided to public universities by the IBHE for the across-the board determination to pay state employees as verified by the deputy general counsel and ethics officer in the Office of Illinois Governor JB Pritzker. The guidance indicates that in this public health emergency an across-the-board determination to pay state employees does not implicate a violation of the ethics act.


Time Recording and Accrued Benefit Tracking

It remains important for employees to continue to record time and benefit usage to comply with our FLSA rules and regulations. Employees should continue to report their time to their supervisors (i.e. via email or other remote method), however, written or electronic signatures will not be required. 


For salaried employees, please continue to report hours of sick and vacation usage in a manner that you are able while working remotely.  For hourly employees, please continue to report your hours worked, as well as sick and vacation usage in a manner that you are able while working remotely.  


HRS will not be collecting these records while employees are working remotely. When we return to normal operations, HRS will collect that information for recordkeeping purposes.


Therefore, during this payroll cycle, leave accrual balances will not be adjusted based on benefit usage. These balances will be reconciled on a future payroll cycle with more information to come.


Direct Deposit /Paper Check

Employees who do not have direct deposit will receive their paper paycheck via United States Postal Service mail at the address on record. Employees are not to come to campus to retrieve paper paychecks.


HRS has been very successful in reaching out to employees that do not have direct deposit. Please ensure your address is updated to the address where you want to receive university mail. You can update your address in the MyNIU Human Resource System.


Here are the facts on how we are paying each employee category.


Salaried Faculty, Supportive Professional Staff, and Civil Service Employees


Salaried Faculty, Supportive Professional Staff and Civil Service Employees will continue to receive their semi-monthly base pay and any additional pay authorized.


Hourly Civil Service Employees


Employees in this category will be paid standard hours for the pay period. For example, March 16 to March 31 is a 12-day pay period. Employees in this category that normally work 7.5 hours per day will be paid for 90 hours of work for this pay period. This will include earned overtime, shift differential, recorded comp time earned, or pay for a temporary upgrade in accordance with already existing approvals. 


Extra-Help Employees


It has been communicated to extra-help employees that if they are able to work, they can continue to do so to support our NIU community.


However, we realize that not all extra help can work or that there is work available to be performed.  With this in mind, for the pay period 3/16 to 3/31, we will pay scheduled hours whether worked or not.  


Beginning April 1, 2020 extra-help employees will only be paid for time worked.


Please refer to our HR website for up to date information. For payroll specific questions, please email, and our team who is working remotely to serve you will do their very best to answer your question in a timely fashion. Stay well!

Audrey Southard
Human Resource Services (HRS)

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