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Information for Parents and Families

As a parent or family member, you want the best for your NIU student. You want them to be safe, make friends, be successful, and of course get a first-class education. They are ready to be independent and make their own decisions, but at times they still need a little help from you.

On-campus Resources

There are many ways you can help your child be successful at NIU, whether they live on campus, off campus or commute every day from home. We put together a list of resources just for parents, so you can get the information to support your son or daughter when they need a helping hand or just a nudge in the right direction.

Family Connections

Studies show that your continued involvement increases the likelihood that your student will graduate college. We make it easier to stay connected to your son, daughter, or family member through Family Connections. We organize events, publish magazines and newsletters and provide resources specifically for parents and family members.

Attendance Matters

One of the most important predictors of success at college is class attendance. Students who attend class regularly have a stronger tie to successful academic performance than scores on standardized admissions tests, high school GPA, study habits and study skills. We have an early alert program designed to keep tabs on attendance at a number of classes this year. We will check on students who are missing too many classes, and we encourage you to support our Attendance Matters initiative by checking in with your child to make sure they are going to class. If they are missing class, there could be an underlying reason besides simply sleeping through their alarm. Reassure your student that the transition to college can be challenging but not insurmountable, then point them to one or more of our student support services to help them get over the hurdle of going to class.

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