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Information for Parents and Families

As a parent or family member, you want the best for your NIU student. You want them to be safe, make friends, be successful, and of course get a first-class education. They are ready to be independent and make their own decisions, but at times they still need a little help from you.

Are you the parent or family member of a prospective or admitted undergraduate student? We’ve got a page just for you!

Family Connections

Studies show that your continued involvement increases the likelihood that your student will graduate college. We make it easier to stay connected to your Huskie through Family Connections. We organize events, regular communications from the Dean of Students and provide resources specifically for parents and family members. If you aren’t already receiving our Family Connection emails, be sure to sign up today!

Supporting Your Student

We know it can be hard to balance supporting your student and teaching them to advocate for themselves as an adult. Knowing more about campus resources can help you to navigate through helping your student! As families, and as staff and faculty working with your student, we all must balance challenge and support. Our goal is to offer enough support for them to be successful while challenging in ways that will guide students to learn, form critical thinking skills, advocate for themselves, and prepare for life after college.

Contacting Faculty

One of the areas where students struggle the most, especially if they are in a virtual environment, is connecting with their professors. Encourage your Huskie to follow these suggestions if they are having issues:

  1. Reach out to your professor via email, Teams and Blackboard and clearly state your name, your question and if you would like to schedule a meeting, list any times you may have available.
  2. If your professor has office hours, show up to the office hours (virtually or in-person) or reach out to the TA for the course if there is a TA.
  3. If you have attempted to reach your professor and you are still not receiving a response, consider reaching out to the chair of the department and include your name, state your concern and request assistance getting into contact with the professor.

College is a great time to learn to advocate for yourself and your needs in a professional manner. It is best, in any email to a professor or staff member, to begin with "Dear [Professor X]", providing a clear explanation of your concern and any suggestions or requests for help, and ending with your name and contact information. Be sure you include a subject in the email subject line. For example, "course concern" or "assistance needed."


Support your Huskie by pointing them to the many academic and additional resources available to them at NIU. Your student should then take the steps to connect to that resource.

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