Sarah Klaper, NIU’s Ombudsperson, meeting with a student.

What We Do

  • We Listen

    We’re here to listen in a non-judgmental, confidential manner. Talking about your concern can bring a feeling of comfort and increase your sense of control over the future.

  • We Coach

    Addressing concerns or conflicts with others can be difficult. We can help you develop and practice your communication skills to promote positive interactions with others in the future. 

  • We Facilitate

    You may wish to request the presence of a third party when addressing a concern. If agreeable to those involved, we can either identify a third person or facilitate the conversation ourselves.

  • We Connect

    There are so many resources available at NIU. We can refer you to the best resource for your concern, including those for mental health, student success and more.

  • We Help Bring Issues Forward

    You may want to bring your concern forward, whether to a department chair, administrator or someone else. We can review the processes available to you and help you decide which path to take.

  • We Educate

    If you’re interested in filing a formal complaint, we can provide guidance about policies and procedures. We can also connect you with the appropriate office or person for filing, if desired.

  • We Reach Out

    The information and training opportunities we provide can help you understand our role on campus. You’ll also learn how we can help you build skills to optimize your time at NIU.

Contact Us

Holmes Student Center, 6th Floor


8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
By appointment only.


We can meet online, over the phone or in person (please wear a mask). Contact us at 815-753-1414 or to make an appointment.

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