Honors Civic Engagement Project

The Honors Civic Engagement Projects curates a series of experiences with the aim of helping you to become knowledgeable, thoughtful, caring and active citizens while also earning an Honors Engaged point.

If you're interested, please sign up through the Honors Civic Engagement Project Blackboard organization by September 11, 2020.

Activities Overview

Complete activity details are available on the Blackboard.

You will watch a short video explaining the ins and outs of the program (asynchronous), and attend a virtual alumni panel (synchronous) on Sept. 17, 2020, at 6 p.m. via Zoom. The virtual alumni panel will feature Honors alumni who have careers closely tied to civic engagement.

You will have to choose four out of the activities listed in this section and complete them according to the details provided.

  • Attend the presidential debate watch party on September 29. We meet before and after to discuss the debate, with at least one special political expert on hand. You will also complete a short reflection on the experience.
  • Website once-over: Audit a local nonprofit's website. In partnership with DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership, you can gain useful resume-building experience while helping a local nonprofit improve its website. You will receive a one-time training to help you complete this task. Opportunities to be partnered with a participating nonprofit are limited. The deadline to apply for this opportunity by September 20.
  • Learn how to fact check a news story. This task will provide you invaluable skills to be a knowledgeable consumer of media.
  • Complete one of NIU's ally training (e.g., CODEGender and Sexuality Resource Center) and submit a short reflection on the experience.
  • Participate in the JobsPLUS "Meet the Public Service Leaders" program, especially for Honors students. During the week of October 19-23 you will be paired with a public service leader to talk with them asynchronously in Flipgrid. The time commitment will be about 60-90 minutes spread throughout the week. Spots are limited, apply to participate by October 1.

Choose one of the three fantastic choices for fulfilling the more in-depth component of your civic engagement activities.

  • Join the Honors Advocacy Initiative. This brand-new student-led group will represent a concerted effort to become informed about issues that affect students at NIU, involving, among other endeavors, research and advocacy prep in advance of attending the NIU Advocacy Day in spring 2021.
  • Do 15+ hours of civic engagement volunteer work. You can complete this requirement through community service or volunteering, or working on a political campaign.
  • Be an election judge. This option is contingent on whether there is a need to train college students in DeKalb County. We are in conversation with the county and updates are available on the Blackboard organization.

Attend a virtual Honors Town Hall and voice your suggestions for improving this program as well as the University Honors Program. Always leave a program better than when you found it!

Important Deadlines

  • September 11: register for the Honors Civic Engagement Project (self-enroll on Blackboard).
  • September 17: attend alumni panel
  • September 20: deadline to apply for website once-over program.
  • September 29: attend presidential debate event
  • October 1: apply for the "Meet the Public Service Leaders" program.

Learn more about Honors Civic Engagement Project on Blackboard organization. All program updates will be published there.

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