Honors Civic Engagement Project

The Honors Civic Engagement Project curates a series of experiences with the aim of helping you to become knowledgeable, thoughtful, caring and active citizens while also earning an Honors Engaged point.

Activities Overview (Spring 2021)

Spring requirements for earning an Honors Engaged point involve participation in all the following:

  • Attend and participate in the virtual Honors Town Hall
  • Active participation in the Honors Advocacy Initiative (HAI) throughout spring 2021 semester. HAI is a student-led group that hosts speakers and participates in policy and advocacy initiatives that are important to NIU students.
  • Audit a local nonprofit's website as part of this Website Once Over In partnership with DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership, you can gain useful resume-building experience while helping a local nonprofit improve its website. You will receive a one-time training to help you complete this task. Most participants in fall reported that they completed the website review in under four hours. Spaces are limited.
  • Participate in the JobsPLUS Meet the Civic Leaders program, especially for Honors students. You will be paired with a civic leader to talk with them asynchronously in Flipgrid. The time commitment will be about 60-90 minutes spread throughout the week. Spaces are limited.

How to Participate

  • To enroll in the spring Civic Engagement Project for Honors Engaged credit or to participate in any component of it
    • Enroll in the spring 2021 Honors Civic Engagement Project Blackboard organization by January 22, 2021.
  • Each experience counts for Honors Engaged credit or Connect credit, but not both.
  • Please sign up for each component by the deadline listed to be considered regardless of the kind of credit you are earning.
  • If you registered for the fall Civic Engagement Project, then you are subject to the requirements of that version of the program. Make sure to check back in the fall Blackboard organization for the relevant info to complete your requirements.

Important Dates

  • Jan. 22: deadline to opt in to the Spring 2021 Honors Civic Engagement Project Blackboard organization.
  • Jan. 22: deadline to opt in to the Honors Advocacy Initiative.
  • Jan. 22: Deadline to sign up for Website Once-Over
  • Jan. 28: Honors Town Hall (5-6 p.m.) on Zoom
  • Feb. 1: deadline to sign up for JobsPLUS Meet the Civic Leaders

Learn more about the spring 2021 Honors Civic Engagement Project on the Blackboard organization. All program updates and details will be published there.

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