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I am the fruit of your sacrifices.

Huskies are known for their seemingly effortless ability to pull together and move quickly as a pack.

We are indebted to the Huskie pack – NIU employees, students, parents and alumni, members of the DeKalb and Sycamore communities and friends of the university. Some volunteer or organize a food drive, while others make financial donations.

Pulling together, you have eased the strain for thousands of students on their journey towards an NIU degree. Because of your collective Huskie resolve, the Huskie Food Pantry remains a sustainable resource for NIU students.

Thank you for your enduring loyalty and care for the well-being of the pack!

FY 2023 Contributions

Financial and Food Donors

  • Northern Illinois Food Bank
  • Linda Walt, alumna
  • Meijer, Sycamore
  • NIU Student Government Association
  • Chloe Thornton
  • Paula Meyer
  • Alyssa Altman
  • Deborah Simms
  • Dorothea Stipectic
  • Bruce Zabel
  • Anne Hanley
  • Sarah Roman
  • Suzanne Hulten
  • Matt and Page Streb
  • Thalia Urzuizo
  • Austin Robenson
  • Bethany Cockburn
  • Bob Armstrong
  • Kurt and Katrina Marquardt
  • Sandra Cox
  • Janet Oching
  • Jim and Mary Mickey
  • Kevin Schmidt
  • Kurt Westhoff
  • Adriane Hutchinson
  • Alyssa  Pincuspy
  • AFSCME Local 1890 NIU CPTE
  • Jean Ann and Clause Bartlett
  • Moria Nagy and Wesley Swingley
  • NIU Dining Hall
  • Lydia Gerzel-Short and Special and Early Education Department
  • Sarah Fox
  • Ala’a Lahawani
  • American Legion Riders, Sycamore Post 99
  • NIU Library staff
  • Tatiana Miralaeff
  • Elinor Olin
  • Mikel and Donna Wyckoff
  • Bill and Susan Lorence
  • First Lutheran Church
  • Gordon Zhao
  • Jason Reed
  • Stage Coach Players, Inc
  • Nicole LaDue
  • Nathan Stansell
  • Anne and Jered Hardy
  • Rena Cotsones and Marco Lenis
  • Carolyn and E. Taylor Atkins
  • Monique Bernoudy
  • Barbara Gonzalez
  • Jeanne Isabel
  • Yolanda and Kevin King
  • Chad McEvoy
  • Carrie and Frederick Williams
  • Anna Quider
  • Mariano and Donee Spizzirri
  • Thomas and Therese Arado
  • Jason Klein
  • Jeff Salmon
  • Alan and Amy Clemens
  • Suzanne Degges-White
  • Gwen Gregory
  • Michaela and Peter Holtz
  • Drew and Leanne VandeCreek
  • Mary Strub
  • Gerald and Jean Blazey
  • Alexander Gariivaltis
  • Joyce Laben
  • Frederick Barnhart
  • Abby Lund
  • Erin Smith
  • Sherry Vogel
  • Ellingsworth Webb
  • Darlene Webb
  • Anita Zurbrugg
  • Jeannine and Ted East
  • Lorraine Imes
  • Bonnie Tilton Sebby
  • Kate Sebby
  • Vernese Edghill-Walden and Charles Walden
  • Courtney Gallaher
  • Rachel Gordon
  • Mark Hankins
  • Bryan Lutes
  • Kelly Olson
  • Phuong-Yung T. Cong-Huyen and Dr. Peter Baum
  • Kelly Furr
  • Benjamin and Jennifer Manning
  • Terrence Sebby
  • Federico Bassetti
  • Karinne Bredberg
  • Sam Guerrero
  • Panoptic Solutions
  • Thomas Skuzinski
  • Rachel Gordon
  • Michael and Crystal Doyle
  • Robert Mulverhill
  • Kevin Reynolds and Marian O’Donnell
  • Mark and Donna Lamb
  • Peter and Diane Alberts
  • Celeste Hendricks
  • Lynn Dykstra and Andrew Davis
  • Douglas and Patricia Wallace
  • Dr. Lisa Freeman and Douglas Rose
  • Michael and Misty Haji-Sheikh
  • Elizabeth and Harvey Plotnick

Food and Supply Drives

  • NIU Student Affairs
  • DeKalb Stage Coach Players
  • NIU Student Nurses Association
  • NIU Academic Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • NIU President’s Office/Leadership Team
  • Emmanuel Lutheran
  • NIU College of Education
  • Thalia Gleiter, NIU Social Change Leadership Class
  • Gamma Phi Omega
  • NIU Chapter, Bread for the World
  • NIU Founders Memorial Library
  • Lydia Gerzel-Short, Special and Early Education Department
  • College of Health and Human Sciences, faculty, staff and students
  • National Society for Black Engineers
  • NIU Foundation and Alumni Association
  • Patricia Gingrich and The Church of DeKalb
  • NIU Alpha Omicron Chapter, Chi Sigma Alpha Honor Society
  • The Newman Center


Huskie Food Pantry Leadership Team

  • Victor Becerra Cano
  • Sydney Fields
  • Emily Korte
  • Emily Larrivee
  • Jonah Parra
  • Madelene Przybysz
  • Brandy Quevedo
  • Emilee Williams

NIU Faculty and Staff

  • College of Education Senate Council
  • Bethany Cockburn
  • Madelyn Anderson
  • Jennifer McNutt
  • Jessica Van Etten (NIU Foundation staff)

NIU Outstanding Student Volunteers

Students who uphold the mission of the Huskie Food Pantry and volunteer five or more times in the semester.

Fall 2022

  • Sydney Fields
  • Erin Simon
  • Emilee Williams

Spring 2023

Students will be announced in May 2023.

Please reach out to Jeanne Baxter at jbaxter1@niu.edu if we missed including you or if you prefer to remain anonymous.

"Provides the food needed and relieves stress about a source of food."by anonymous student

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