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I am the fruit of your sacrifices.

Huskies are known for their seemingly effortless ability to pull together and move quickly as a pack.

We are indebted to the Huskie pack – NIU employees, students, parents and alumni, members of the DeKalb and Sycamore communities and friends of the university. Some volunteer or organize a food drive, while others make financial donations.

Pulling together, you have eased the strain for thousands of students on their journey towards an NIU degree. Because of your collective Huskie resolve, the Huskie Food Pantry remains a sustainable resource for NIU students.

Thank you for your enduring loyalty and care for the well-being of the pack!

2021 Contributions

Financial and Food Donors

  • Northern Illinois Food Bank
  • Linda Walt, alumna
  • DeKalb County Bar Association and Amanda Wielgus
  • The DeKalb Stage Coach Players
  • Anne Hanley
  • Bethel Assembly of God
  • Jayne Holley, NIU Alumni Association employee
  • Kerry Ferris, NIU Associate Professor
  • Dory Stipetic
  • Vanessa Sawyer, alumna
  • Jacob Jokers, alumnus
  • Kelly Furr, student
  • Fred Barnhart, NIU Dean
  • Kelly Wesener-Michael
  • Dave Benner, NIU Instructor
  • Sycamore Hy-Vee, led by Tom Boubin, district manager and store managers

Food and School Supply Drives

  • NIU College of Health and Human Sciences
  • The DeKalb Stage Coach Players Theater
  • The DeKalb Wesleyan Church
  • Christ the Teacher University Church/Newman Student Center
  • NIU Sigma Lambda Beta
  • NIU Criminal Law Society
  • NIU Alpha Psi Omega
  • NIU Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • NIU Prism
  • NIU Sigma Lambda Beta “Huskies Take Care of Huskies”
  • NIU OMIS 352 class project, led by Suraj Prakash


Huskie Food Pantry Leadership Team

  • Andrew Collier
  • Tashara Thomas
  • Grant Goral
  • Joe Fill
  • Alyssa Anderson
  • Kelly Furr

NIU Faculty and Staff

  • Dave Benner
  • Dory Stipetic
  • Jeff Salmon
  • Eric Armstrong

Community Members

  • Brynne Ellingford
  • Camille Lindsay
  • Melissa Farmer

NIU Students

  • Ta’lyn Roberson
  • Kennadi Marone
  • Esteban Trejo
  • Jose Benitez
  • Steffi Delgado
  • Taylor Graines
  • Aundrea Hollis
  • Therese Folefac
  • Stephanie Drendel
  • Omar Zepeda
  • Luis Rodriguez
  • Marissa Dordick
  • Ryan Lim
  • Logan Peterson
  • Rosa Sifentes
  • Shantez Branch
  • Karl Gugulski
  • Mark Ryt
  • Brianna Rooker
  • Ryan Jackson
  • Sarah Christensen
  • Zachary Del Mundo
  • DeAndre Conty
  • Michaela Dudek
  • Nicole Pantel
  • Nicole Jackson
  • Dugan Zabran
  • Jacquelyn Koerwitz
  • Alberto Briores
  • Makkah Jujahid
  • Modupeo Luioa Williams

Please reach out to Jeanne Baxter at jbaxter1@niu.edu if we missed including you or if you prefer to remain anonymous.

"Provides the food needed and relieves stress about a source of food."by anonymous student

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