Recitals and Concerts

Our students have the opportunity to share what they've learned by performing in recitals and concerts. Most performances end with a reception.

View our calendar to see upcoming events.

Steps for Students

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early, unless otherwise instructed by your teacher.
  • Sit in the reserved section (usually in the front left) in the order in which you are performing. Check a program or look for your name on a seat.
  • Move to the stage area when the previous performer has finished and sat down.
  • When you finish your performance, take a bow.
  • Join your parents in the audience or return to your original seat.

Tips for Families

We ask each family to bring a plate of cookies, vegetables, fruit, or crackers and cheese to the reception. You can drop it off in the concert hall or recital hall lobby before the recital. There will be a table with a sign identifying the recital. Be sure to take your plate when you leave.

We encourage you to bring your children to recitals. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a quiet, attentive audience for the performers:

  • Sit with your children at all times.
  • Sit in the back for a quick exit if you think your child may need a break.
  • Leave the hall immediately if your child becomes restless or noisy.
  • Do not take flash photographs while students are playing.


If your student will be playing in recital with a piano accompanist, you should contact an accompanist well in advance to schedule a rehearsal and discuss their fee. Unless your student is in the Suzuki program, you're expected to pay the accompanist directly. For showcase recitals, other end-of-semester recitals and auditions, accompanists charge approximately $35 for a rehearsal and performance. Costs may vary depending on the difficulty of the piece.