Payments and Refunds

Installment Plan

We offer an installment plan in the fall and spring semesters. To participate in an installment plan:

  • Your total balance must be no less than $100.
  • Your first payment must be made by credit card on the date you register.

Installment payments are allowed through the first four weeks of the semester. After that, full payment is expected.
If you add new classes or lessons after your first installment payment, you must use a new registration form. The new classes or lessons are not eligible for the installment plan. Full payment is due when you submit the form.
Credit Card Information
The person who makes the first payment is responsible for all installment payments. We are unable to split charges among multiple payees. We cannot accept a credit card that expires before the date of the final payment. You must inform us if your credit card changes during the payment period.
If we are unable to process a credit card at the time a payment is due, we will inform the card holder. If you do not provide us with new credit card information or payment within two weeks, your teacher will be asked to stop lessons.
Payment Due Dates
If you are paying four installments through the fall and spring semesters, these due dates apply to you:

  • Second installment: Oct. 17
  • Third installment: Jan. 17
  • Fourth installment: March 1

If you registered for a fall activity and a fall/spring activity on the same registration form, please note the following:

  • Fall activities must be paid in full by the due date of the second installment.
  • Fall/spring activities must be paid in full by the due date of the fourth installment.
  • Installments will not be equal.

Registration Fee and Discount Update

In order to simplify registration and increase price transparency we have decided to eliminate all discounts and registration fees from CSA activities.

Refunds and Withdrawals


  • When you submit a registration form, you commit the student to a full semester of lessons. If a student decides to stop taking lessons after the semester has started, the student or parent must inform us in writing. Giving notice to the teacher is not sufficient.
  • We will process prorated refunds for private music lessons and Suzuki lessons that have not taken place. You must give us the withdrawal letter before the fourth week of lessons.
  • Final dates to withdraw from lessons are October 17 and March 1.

Other CSA activities: There are no refunds for classes, workshops or ensembles.