Student Attendance and Safety

Student Safety

Your children's safety is important to us. Please read the safety information provided on the Protecting the Pack website. Please be aware that the NIU buildings in which our programs take place are open to the public. Young children should be supervised at all times. Older children should be picked up promptly after lessons and classes. They should not wander through buildings.

There are two phones in the Music Building students may use:

  • The phone on the west wall of the concert hall hallway makes free local calls.
  • The phone on the east wall of the concert hall hallway makes on-campus calls.

Weather and Emergency Closures

When NIU is closed because of weather or an emergency, all Community School of the Arts lessons and classes are canceled. At times, we may cancel an activity or concert for weather-related reasons when NIU remains open.

We will do our best to inform families about cancellations. Please check your email and your phone messages. You can also call us during business hours at 815-753-1450. If it's after 4:30 p.m. on a weekday or during the weekend, you'll find a message on our voicemail.

Private Lessons

Teachers and students may cancel a lesson because of weather conditions at their own discretion. They should contact each other if weather conditions prevent travel. Lessons and classes may be rescheduled by the teacher later in the semester, time permitting.

Make-up Lessons

We recommend that students keep a record of all lessons attended. Make-up lessons are generally scheduled by teachers during the weeks following the end of the semester. Due to scheduling conflicts, it is not uncommon for students to begin lessons either earlier or later than the printed schedule.

Student Absence

One make-up lesson is granted each semester for excused absences due to illness, family emergency or religious observances. At least 24 hours' notice (or as much as possible) must be given. Sporting practices and events, family vacations and nonemergency medical appointments are not considered excused absences.

Some teachers may ask students who request a make-up lesson to switch lessons with another student. Others may set up a day at the end of the semester to hold make-up lessons. Be sure to check with your teacher about this.

Teacher Absence

If a teacher is unable to teach a lesson or class, they will inform their students at least 24 hours in advance (or as much time as possible). They will reschedule the lesson or class.