CURE Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is cure?

The Conference on Undergraduate Research and Engagement (cure) is NIU’s annual undergraduate research symposium hosted by the Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning (oseel). cure provides NIU students with the opportunity to formally present faculty-mentored undergraduate research, artistry and engagement projects that they have participated in during the academic year.

Who can attend cure?

Everyone is welcome! Faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, family, friends and the NIU and DeKalb communities!

Why should I present at cure?

If you are an undergraduate student completing a faculty-mentored research project, presenting at <span style="text-transform: uppercase;">cure</span> provides you an opportunity to practice and gain confidence in communicating your ideas and findings to others. You can also benefit by including this experience on your resume.

What are the benefits to student attendees?

Students will be able to see what a research and/or artistry conference entails without having to spend the money to get there. Students will learn about other research and artistry projects happening in various departments and what a poster presentation looks like, as well as have the opportunity to network with undergraduate and graduate students along with faculty from a variety of disciplines.

Will I receive academic credit for attending?

Academic credit is not provided. You will be recognized as a participant in this campus-wide event. There are some departments such as Honors Engaged and Business Passport that are offering credit for attending and participating in this event.

Applying for cure

Who can present at cure?

Any currently enrolled undergraduate student who has participated in a faculty-mentored creative or research project is eligible to showcase their work at this event through posters and exhibits. This includes, but is not limited to, students who have completed an independent study, capstone projects, senior design, Research Rookies, read, SEF, senior thesis or other related research/artistry or community engagement projects.

Preparing for cure

Am I responsible for printing my own research poster?

If you submit your poster by the deadline, your poster will be printed and ready for you the day of the event. If you submit your poster after the deadline, it will be your responsibility to print your poster.

What materials are required to present at cure?

All presenters are required to submit a poster. Other materials such as an exhibit or video performance are optional. Presenters indicating they are recording a performance video or have an exhibit will be contacted by the CURE planning committee to discuss your needs.

Presenting at CURE

When should I arrive to present?

Please check in at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled presentation time. The presenter check-in table is located outside of the Capitol Room. At that time, you will be directed to your presentation/poster location.

What can I expect during my poster presentation?

After checking-in, you will locate your assigned presenter area where your poster will be displayed on a partition wall. Conference attendees, including faculty, staff, community members, and judges will circulate throughout the conference rooms and ask questions about your work. You should be prepared with an elevator pitch to share with the judges and any other conference attendees interested in your project/research.


When will award winners be announced?

Student winners will be notified in advance of then event. Students who rank first, second or third in their respective award category will receive a monetary award.

How is the “Faculty Mentor of the Year” award determined?

Student presenters can nominate their faculty mentor for this award. Nominees are evaluated on their ability to foster student participation in research and artistry activities, the balance between advisee and nurturing critical thinking, and the ability to develop a mentoring relationship that exudes genuine care in the student and their learning.

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