Presenter Awards

The Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning is excited to be able to offer a monetary award to students with exceptional presentations due to the generosity of a donor. Students receiving awards will also have the opportunity for their poster to be published in the CURE Proceedings in Huskies Commons, NIU’s repository for scholarly work.

Two judges will be assigned to each presentation and will use the judge rubric (DOCX) to determine ratings.

Students ranked in the top of their respective award category will receive a monetary award. Prizes will be in the following disciplines and subjects:

  • Social and behavioral sciences
  • Biological and chemical sciences
  • Environmental and physical sciences
  • Education
  • Humanities
  • Health and human sciences
  • Arts, design and performing arts
  • Interdisciplinary studies
  • Engineering
  • Math and computational sciences
  • Business and entrepreneurship

Additionally, students ranked in the top of the following categories will also be eligible for a monetary award:

  • Civic engagement
  • Community-based research
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

Faculty Mentor of the Year

CURE participants have an opportunity to nominate their mentor for the Faculty Mentor of the Year award. Nominees are evaluated on their ability to foster student participation in research and artistry activities, the balance between advisee and nurturing critical thinking, and the ability to develop a mentoring relationship that exudes genuine care in the student and their learning. Nominate your faculty mentor.

Congratulations to the 2023 recipients:

  • Katja Wiemer, associate professor, Cognitive and Instructional Psychology
  • Jennifer Koop, assistant professor, Biological Sciences

2023 CURE Award Winners

Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • 1st place: Katilyn Pitt and Jade King, REFUGE: A United Front Against Domestic Violence
    Faculty mentor: Patty Wallace
  • 2nd place: Blake Atterbury, Cognitive Processing Styles in Semantic Memory Organization
    Faculty mentor: Katja Weimer
  • 3rd place: Nathan Campbell, Strides in the dark: Effects of arena size on open field behavior
    Faculty mentor: Doug Wallace

Biological and Chemical Sciences

  • 1st place: Laurita Uribe Aristizabal, Hacking Cancer Cell Metabolism
    Faculty mentor: Linda S. Yasui
  • 2nd place: Amarachi Nwawueze, Food or Fungus: An Examination of House Fly Response to Different Concentrations of a Fungal Biopesticide
    Faculty mentor: Bethia King
  • 3rd place: Merveille Muyizere, Response of Different Body parts of House Flies, Musca domestica, to Sucrose and Water
    Faculty mentor: Bethia King
  • 3rd place: Yosuf Khan, Molecular detection of bacterial pathogen, Clostridium perfringens, in Bison
    Faculty mentor: Pallavi Singh

Environmental and Physical Sciences

  • 1st place: Jennifer Schaumberg, Indonesian Women's Perceptive on Partner's Smoking
    Faculty mentor: Tomoyuki Shibata
  • 2nd place: Yi Shen, Landslide Forecast in Taiwan Based on Machine Learning in the GIS Field
    Faculty mentor: Wei Luo
  • 3rd place: Mingda Wu, Pixel-Wise Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods Implementation on Multi-Class Wildfire Mapping
    Faculty mentor: Wei Luo


  • 1st place: Hannah Lamarca, Multilingualism and Augmentative Alternative Communication: A Review of the Literature
    Faculty mentor: Natalie Andzik
  • 2nd place: Lana Samuel, How do Educators Support the Communication Access for Children with Multiple Cognitive Disabilities and Who Are Blind?
    Faculty mentor: Natalie Andzik


  • 1st place: Desiree Griffin, The Lao Diaspora: Cultural Identity in America
    Faculty mentor: Trude Jacobson-Gidaszewski
  • 2nd place: Ashley Montano, Introducing Gender Neutral Pronouns to Second Language French Learners
    Faculty mentor: Shannon Becker
  • 3rd place: Brenna Bretzinger, Feminist Retellings of Homer's The Odyssey, 2005-2022
    Faculty mentor: Timothy Crowley

Health and Human Services

  • 1st place: Christina Annerino, Gender Differences in Administration of tPA in Treatment of Ischemic Stroke
    Faculty mentor: Anitha Saravanan
  • 2nd place: Margi Patel, Fear of Falling is Associated with Reduced Lower-Extremity Function in Older Adults
    Faculty mentor: Emerson Sebastiao
  • 3rd place: Isiah Bryant, Revitalizing Memories through Melody: Utilizing Music as a Form of Memory Therapy for individuals with varying levels of Dementia, A Single Case Study
    Faculty mentor: Jamie Mayer

Arts, Design and Performing Arts

  • 1st place: Alia Moran, How to: Museums (Americans in Burma: The Art of Collecting and Local Visions II)
    Faculty mentor: Catherine Raymond

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • 1st place: Ally Mikos, Thrifting Your Way to the Bank: How student consumption of recycled clothing impacts financial stability
    Faculty mentor: Alicia Schatteman
  • 2nd place: Minhaz Patel, Should Academia Thrive for Research Citation in Policy: A Case Study on Five Universities
    Faculty mentor: Hamed Alhoori
  • 3rd place: Cameron Racelis, Municipal Madness: An Analysis of Metropolitan Industrialization in British Burma 1870-1920
    Faculty mentor: Trude Jacobson-Gidaszewski


  • 1st place: Mikayla Dirksen, 3D Simulation of Blood Flow
    Faculty mentor: Jifu Tan
  • 2nd place: Joshua Lewicki and Christopher Roeder, Bi-directional in Situ Visualization and Analysis of Blood Flow Simulation
    Faculty mentor: Jifu Tan
  • 3rd place: Ryan Kilpatrick, In Pursuit of the Promise of Microfluidic Artificial Lungs
    Faculty mentor: Alisha Diggs

Math and Computational Sciences

  • 1st place: Joseph Wasiqui, Investigating the Variance of Distances from an Interior Point to the Edges of a Triangle
    Faculty mentor: Alastair Fletcher
  • 2nd place: Alejandro Trujillo Graciano, Predicting Solid Waste Generation: An Analysis of Socio-Economic Factors and Their Impact on Waste Management
    Faculty mentor: Mahdi Vaezi
  • 3rd place: Hannah Havel, Bifurcation Levels of the Integral Manifolds of the Newtonian N-Body Problem
    Faculty mentor: Chris McCord

Business and Entrepreneurship

  • 1st place: Vilaya Sirivong, Coaching and Mentoring Programs Ensuring Equal Opportunities to Higher Education for Laotian Students
    Faculty mentor: James Burton
  • 2nd place: Jessica Linley, B The Change: Why and How B-Corporations are Entering Our Economy
    Faculty mentor: Alicia Schatteman
  • 3rd place: Ayanna Johnson, Complexity of Perfection in the Art Industry
    Faculty mentor: Barton Sharp

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