Confidentiality Statement

Employee Well-being is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of those who use our services. All confidential information, verbal or written, provided by the employee to an Employee Well-being professional will be treated as confidential. Information will not be released without the employee's written consent to disclose information.

Your confidentiality is limited only by what is dictated by law. The law requires the Employee Well-being professional to report any suspected instances of abuse or neglect of minors to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Additionally, the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act requires us to warn any intended victim when a client discloses an intent to cause physical harm to a specific person. The Confidentiality Act also allows for the Employee Well-being professional to consult with other Employee Well-being staff or the Employee Well-being supervisor for the purpose of direction and guidance.

Employee Well-being Policies

  • Supervisor Referral
    If you have been referred by your supervisor due to job performance concerns and your supervisor contacts us, we will only tell your supervisor that you kept your appointment. We suggest that you tell your supervisor that you met with someone in Employee Well-being. We will not provide any information to your supervisor about what we discuss or the nature of any referrals, unless you provide written consent for us to do so.

  • Job Security and Promotion
    No employee shall have their job security or promotional opportunities jeopardized because of their participation or failure to participate in Employee Well-being. Employee discipline is based solely on work performance and not your involvement with Employee Well-being.

  • Voluntary Participation and Work Release
    All employees have the right to go to Human Resource Services, including Employee Well-being, during work hours with the approval of their supervisor. For confidentiality, we suggest people inform their supervisor that they need to go to Human Resources and agree upon a convenient time.

Resources for Allegation of "Unfair Treatment"

If you have a specific complaint regarding an allegation of "unfair treatment" by a member of the university administration, faculty or staff, you may make an informal or formal complaint at any time to the department of Affirmative Action and Diversity Resources within Human Resource Services.

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