Resources for Faculty and Staff

Accessibility is a civil right. The DRC is available to consult on how to provide access to students with disabilities in your classroom.

Teaching Diverse Students

Syllabus Accessibility Statement

Faculty are strongly encouraged to include the NIU Accessibility Statement for Syllabi on all syllabi. Students have the right to request disability-related accommodations whether or not this statement is on your syllabus.

Learn more about making course content accessible through Blackboard Ally.

Student Right to Privacy

Respect the right of students with disabilities to maintain privacy regarding their disability. Requiring a student to disclose a disability is against the law. If you have questions about a student's accommodations, contact the DRC.

Academic Accommodations

Types of academic accommodations

  • Exam accommodations information for instructors
  • Closed captions - In Provost-funded classrooms: if a video/DVD/media has closed captions, turn on captioning. If you need help turning on captions, use the phone in the classroom to call technical support.
    If you are in a classroom that is not Provost-funded, contact technical support for the building or department.

Contact Us

Disability Resource Center
Peters Campus Life Building, Suite 180
8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
815-753-9570 (fax)
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